How to grow hair: vitamins, food and products

Whoever never said the phrase “my hair doesn’t grow” should throw the first stone.

Thin, brittle wires and hair loss are some of the most common problems when it comes to hair growth.

This problem affects all types of hair, so it is always good to take care of your hair and body properly to avoid or decrease this condition.

In these cases, the ideal is daily care with products that promote hydration, nutrition and even supplementation so that the strands grow strong and healthy.

For this, Minute Healthy has separated some tips to make your Rapunzel project have the desired effect. Check it out:


Why doesn’t the hair grow?

The lack of hair growth usually occurs due to minor problems in the scalp, damage to the hair fiber, use of chemicals and excessive heat.

It is worth mentioning that hair growth is not only related to the care or products we use, nor is it the same for all people.

Food, healthy habits and genetic factors directly interfere with the health and growth of locks.

So, like any other part of the body, hair needs a variety of nutrients to grow healthy and beautiful.

So we have separated some causes and mentioned more deeply what may be affecting your Rapunzel project:

  • Excessive chemistry: those who perform chemical processes on the hair, such as straightening, coloring and discoloration can end up with more dry and brittle strands;
  • Scalp problems : scalp problems can also negatively interfere with hair growth. Excessive greasiness, dryness of the skin or other irritations can cause damage to hair follicles;
  • Diet and stress level: hair will grow in a healthy way if your health as a whole is positive. That is why it is important to take care of food, keep stress levels low and have a good night’s sleep;
  • Be careful when unraveling the wires: just as excess chemical can break the wires, the way in which you untangle and comb your hair can also be harmful.

In addition, the natural structure of the hair can have a bearing on growth. Curly or curly hair has an enhanced natural dryness. This makes the hair fiber more sensitive and, therefore, the breakage of the hair is more common.

Genetic factor: he could be the culprit

The strands grow at a genetically predetermined speed. There are no products that increase or change this speed. Usually, it can reach up to 1.2 cm per month.

Still linked to the genetic factor, it is noteworthy that the threads have a life cycle, and the growth phase is called “anagen”.

This phase can last 2 years for some people and 6 years for others. Those who have a greater anagen phase, usually notice a potential growth.

What to do for hair to grow fast and strong?

Like our health, small changes in capillary habits can assist in hair growth.

It is important to mention that growth varies from person to person and due to other factors, as mentioned above.

Before you get frustrated, if the tips don’t work, the ideal is to find a dermatologist to help you demystify what your hair needs and then test the methods and see if they work for you.

Now yes! We have listed some tips that can help hair grow quickly:

Have a good diet

Healthy eating is the basis for keeping our bodies in balance. It couldn’t be different when it comes to hair.

Everything we eat will not specifically help the hair to grow quickly, however, poor diet can be a factor that prevents or slows down the growth of the strands.

Since they are not vital organs, hair is the first to lose nutrients when the body is “weak”. Thus, the first signs of a lack of nutrients in the body can appear in the wires.

So, pay close attention to what you are eating and remember that hair growth is something that requires a lot of energy from the body.

Taking care of health in general

Good hair growth is directly linked to your health. When there is a nutritional deficiency or disease, it is possible that the strands will have more difficulties to grow.

Thus, the ideal is to look for a (a) dermatologist and other specialties to find a hair supplement that will return the nutrients and assist in the healthy growth of the hair or other remedies for specific conditions.

Massage the scalp

The scalp massage in addition to being relaxing at the time of the bath stimulates blood circulation and provides maximum action of the benefits of the products you are using.

In addition, the massage promotes deep cleansing, improves the absorption of nutrients and also strengthens the hair fiber, helping in healthy growth.

Use products suitable for your hair type

Understanding your hair type and what it needs is one of the most important steps for the Rapunzel project to work.

Also pay attention to the pH of the items that should be similar to the hair, being around 5.5 to prevent the hair from drying out.

The famous pump shampoos are also a great option in this phase of hair growth. They strengthen, nourish and moisturize, leaving the hair less fragile, which helps in the perception of growth.

Which vitamin makes hair grow?

In addition to external hair care, it is important to recognize the need to replace some essential vitamins and minerals to keep them healthy.

Hair needs nutrients to grow healthy and the lack of them can cause hair loss, breakage or even slow down this process.

We have listed some vitamins that can be put in the diet to supplement the body and make you have the longest of dreams:

  • Vitamin A : helps in healthy hair growth, providing shine, softness and strengthening the hair;
  • Complex B vitamins: stimulate healthy hair growth and help fight hair loss;
  • Vitamin B7 (biotin): acts on the hair bulb, preventing hair loss and aiding growth;
  • Vitamin C : antioxidant, protects hair from daily aggressions, in addition to acting directly on the strands to make them brighter and full of life;
  • Vitamin E : rich in antioxidants that help neutralize free radicals that cause damage to hair and scalp;
  • Zinc: contributes to healthy hair growth and regulation of sebum production in hair follicles.

In addition to acting from the inside out, these assets can be found in the composition of hair products that can further enhance the results in the locks.

It is worth remembering that there are two modes of use: topical and oral.

The topic is that applied directly to the threads. If these vitamins are assigned to products, it is worth following the packaging’s recommendation and talking to professionals before mixing or exchanging any product.

But if you are going to take it orally, it is essential to seek medical advice and not use any supplement on your own.

Home tips for growing hair work?

In search of accelerated growth, several people turn to homemade recipes and even sympathies to speed up the process.

However, not all homemade recipes are indicated and really work. In this topic, we selected homemade and natural recipes that can be made as a complement to assist in the growth of the hair.

Coconut oil

The natural antioxidants and nutrients found in coconut oil deliver resources to improve hair activity and shine. It has high levels of vitamin E , K, iron and can help treat dandruff by boosting hair growth.

It is worth remembering that the excessive use of the product on the hair can cause the opposite effect, further increasing the symptoms of dandruff. Think carefully before doing any kind of treatment.

Castor oil

Thanks to omega 6 and omega 9, castor oil can give greater volume to the hair. This is because this fatty acid stimulates the scalp and hair follicles (the place where the hair is born), thus strengthening the strands.

These nutrients also help to improve the appearance of the hair strand, as it seals the cuticles, preventing the hair from appearing electric and dry, giving shine to the hair and a more silky appearance.

Olive oil

A powerful antioxidant that softens and retains the natural moisture inside the hair fiber, fighting dryness, reducing frizz and ensuring a lot of shine and softness.

Applying the product mixed with the mask to enhance hydration or directly on the wires by moistening them can accelerate the growth of the wires and keep them healthy.

Egg white

To keep the strands strong and away from falling, the body needs protein and egg white is a good option.

It can be applied directly to the wires or in conjunction with a hair mask or a nourishing oil.

In addition to being great for moisturizing dry and dry hair, egg white provides the necessary nutrients to maintain healthy hair and accelerate growth.

It is worth remembering that there is no miracle and that growth does not happen overnight. It is necessary to strictly follow a growth schedule and, if necessary, medical follow-up for the results of the dream.

Having long and healthy hair is the dream of many people, but not always the anxiety of having accelerated growth leads us to look for recipes and amazing remedies that will not always have an effect on the strands.

The ideal is to seek medical advice and also a hairdresser and follow healthy lifestyle habits so that the hair grows strong and healthy.

And did you like our tips? Tell us what is your tip for the Rapunzel project and keep following the Healthy Minute to stay on top of the news.