Decorated nail tips: francesinha ideas for jewelry

With the festivities approaching, the desire arises in many people to work on the production of nails. Therefore, we decided to list accessories and teach some styles that can be made at home, in a practical and quick way. Check out!


What accessories do I need to make decorated nails?

The first step in decorating your nails is to separate some accessories and tools that will help you throughout the process.

The items we select are an excellent investment, as they serve from daily nail care, such as sanding and removing cuticles, to finishing the decorated nails, as a drying spray.

In addition, having your own utensils helps in preventing diseases that can affect the nails, such as mycoses, Hepatitis (B and C) among other infections.

If possible, try to take your accessories even when you go to the manicure (or pedicure).

Thinking about it, take the opportunity to spice up your nail kit with the items we list *:

* Prices consulted in December 2020. Prices may change.


We start with one of the most common items when it comes to nails, the sandpaper . It is used to shape and correct imperfections at their ends.

Currently, there are several types of sandpaper, such as iron or glass, but the ones that are usually used both in salons and at home are the disposable ones and made of sand.

They have a thinner side (for fingernails) and a thicker side (for toenails). This type must be changed frequently, on average after 6 uses.

Some disposable files that you can find on the Consulta Remédios platform are:

  • Sandpaper of Unha Ricca (R $ 6);
  • Sandpaper of a Swedish Mini Care ($ 3);
  • Nail Needs Sandpaper ($ 5);
  • Sandpaper of Unha Ricca black (R $ 4);
  • Landh’s mini nail polish ($ 1).

The options we list are excellent due to the quantity (since the sandpaper must be changed frequently): the conventional size contains 6 sandpaper in each package, and the mini versions come with 20 sandpaper.

Cutter or scissor

These instruments can also be considered basic in every nail kit, as they help to cut the nails and leave them with the desired length.

In addition, they also help to trim those spots that end up breaking on a daily basis.

Both the cutter and the scissors should not be shared with other people, as there may be transmission of microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi that cause infections.

Some options that may be useful are:

  • Scissors of a World Classic Nail 426 challenge ($ 2);
  • Merheje Basic Nail Scissors straight tip (R $ 10);
  • Curved Trim Cuticle Scissors (R $ 14);
  • World Classic P Nail Cutter ($ 6);
  • Marco Boni Nail Cutter ($ 2);
  • Tramontina Nail Cutter ($ 19).

Cuticle pliers

Pliers are a tool used to remove excess cuticles from nails with more practicality and precision.

About the material of the accessory, it is recommended to buy pliers made of stainless steel, so that they can be sterilized frequently, avoiding nail infections.

Therefore, some options and their respective prices are:

  • Traditional Professional Merheje Cuticle Pliers (R $ 32);
  • World Classic Cuticle Plier (R $ 22);
  • Tramontina Cuticle Pliers (R $ 64);
  • Professional Trim Cuticle Plier (R $ 21).

In addition, to aid in the process, it is possible to apply a cream on the cuticles that will soften them, facilitating the removal with pliers.


Tweezers are an item that helps to place adhesives or stones in the desired location of the nail. So it is a tool that greatly facilitates those who like decorated nails.

It can be found in 3 versions: straight, chamfered and thin.

Some brands available at Consulta Remédios are:

  • Professional Fine Point Merheje Forceps (R $ 14);
  • Marco Boni forceps straight tip (R $ 4);
  • Perfect Nails Professional Tweezer top line, diagonal tip (R $ 8);
  • Panvel Tweezers Tipped tip (R $ 8);

Nail Brushes

For those who prefer more artistic nails, brushes are very important, as they help to make the desired designs more accurately.

Each brush has a function such as finishing, contouring , making thinner or thicker strokes, among other features.

So, if you like to make drawings frequently, it is worth investing in these items.

Colorless base for nails

The colorless base is used in the preparation of nails for the application of other enamels and decoration.

Its greatest function is to leave the surface of the nail smooth and increase the fixation of colored enamels. But, depending on the base, it may have other benefits such as helping to protect, strengthen and level the nails.

Thus, some bases that provide these benefits are:

  • Base for an Ideal Strengthener ($ 13);
  • Vefic Nail Base Vitamin Complex 4 in 1 (R $ 10);
  • Strengthening Risqué Technology Base (R $ 4);
  • Base for Nails Blant Maximus Nail (R $ 17).

Cotton and nail polish remover

These items are basic in any nail kit, because only with them we can remove smudges around the nail or that nail polish that was not very nice.

Therefore, it is important to invest in an efficient nail polish remover that may or may not contain acetone in its composition.

Acetone is considered a very strong solvent, which can cause damage to the nails and dry them out.

Thus, if your nails are more sensitive, it is recommended to choose a nail polish remover that does not contain acetone (or has less).

Some options that may be interesting between removers and cottons are:

  • Nail Polish Remover with Ideal Acetone 500mL (R $ 10);
  • Enamel Remover 5cinco Lutex A ECO 100mL (R $ 5);
  • Removedor de Esmalte Needs 100mL (R$8);
  • Traditional ADV Nail Polish Remover, 100mL (R $ 2);
  • Cotton Cremer balls, white with 50g (R $ 3);
  • Sancare cotton ball, 40g (R $ 3);
  • Use It cotton ball, white with 30g (R $ 3);
  • Apolo cotton ball, white with 100g (R $ 5).


The nail stick is used to remove excess nail polish that ends up accumulating on the edge of the nails.

After that, it is also possible to use the toothpick along with the cotton to permanently remove these excesses.

At the time of purchase, you can choose between wooden and stainless steel, such as those offered by these brands:

  • Tramontina Stainless Steel Nail Stick ($ 22);
  • Stick of Unha Ricca wood (R $ 2);
  • Stainless steel Santa Clara nail stick ($ 6);
  • Rich Stainless Steel Nail Stick ($ 9);
  • Palito de Madeira Raskalo (R $ 4).

Nail trowel

The spatula is a very versatile item that in addition to assist in the application of nail decorations such as glitter, stones, crystals and adhesives.

In addition, it can also be used to remove cuticles, facilitating their removal.

Some spatulas available in the Consulta Remédios platform are:

  • Double Spatula for Santa Clara Cuticle (R $ 4);
  • Stainless Steel Katy Nail Spatula ($ 5);
  • Stainless Steel Merheje Spatula (R $ 10);
  • Espátula de Cutícula Zalike Beauty Collection (R$7).

Drying spray

This is an optional accessory for making decorated nails, however, the spray is something that is worth investing in and helps a lot when it comes to production.

It makes the enamel dry in less time, preventing you from smearing the nail when doing other activities.

Some options are:

  • Impala Pro Enamel Drying Spray (R $ 10);
  • Risqué Technology Drying Spray (R $ 13);
  • Charming Enamel Drying Spray (R $ 15);
  • Care Liss Enamel Drying Spray (R $ 11);
  • Charming Ice Drying Enamel Spray (R $ 9);
  • Neez Enamel Drying Spray (R $ 14).

Nail Props

Nail accessories such as glitter, stones, crystals and adhesives are very versatile in decorated nails.

You can find these items in different sizes and colors, in addition to ordering them in a personalized way.

They give greater prominence to nails and make it possible to get out of “sameness” and dare to be creative with different decorations.

To use them, it is recommended to apply an enamel first, whether it is a colorless base or some color you want, as this way, they will adhere more easily to the nail.

In addition, applying an enamel before using props, helps to prevent the appearance of stains on the surface of the nails.

Nail designs for parties: tips and models

End-of-year celebrations are always an option to perfect the production, both in makeup and nails.

Thinking about it, we selected some styles that are trend, like metallic nails and with stones, and also models considered true classics, for example, the francesinha.

Before starting the decoration, it is important to prepare the nails according to your daily care, such as removing cuticles, sanding, moisturizing, among other maintenance. That way, the finish is impeccable.

Remember that the colors used in the images are listed in the text, however, feel free to select nail polishes in the colors you like, so check out some styles of decorations:

Colored fingernails

This is a basic option and at the same time fun for your nails, as it consists of painting each nail in a different color.

So, just select 5 nail polish colors that you like (in the image the colors are green, black , red, blue and pink ) and then apply two layers on each nail. In each application, remember to outline the nail with a toothpick to remove the excesses.

After this process, take the toothpick and wrap a small piece of cotton to remove the excesses permanently. To finish (optional) apply the nail drying spray.

Colored nails are easy and fun

French style

We can consider this style a classic of nail decoration .. In addition to the need to use only two colors of enamel ( base and white ) to make it.

To start, just apply the base on each nail, wait a few minutes to dry and then apply the white enamel on the tip of the nail.

Finally, remove the excesses and finish with the drying spray.

Although this is the classic francesinha model, nothing prevents you from adding your personal touch. As in the picture, which contains a glitter enamel on top to give more prominence to the nails.

French nails are versatile and please everyone!

An artistic one

Flowers, letters, symbols, emojis, among others are great options for those who like personalized and creative nails.

Thus, there is no step by step to follow, but some guidelines regarding the use of brushes for creation, which are:

  • Boleadoras: perfect for making polka dots and having a polka-dot effect on the nails;
  • Fill brush: its function, as the name implies, is to fill the drawing made;
  • Brush “fan”: ideal for making grasses and mixing enamels;
  • Beveled brush: if you like to make flowers, flowers, rose buds, among other designs, this is the right brush;
  • Fillet brush: provides fine and delicate contours.
Decorated nails allow creativity to take action.

Gradient style

The gradient nail style can be done in two ways: choosing a color (from the lightest to the strongest) for each nail or selecting only two contrasting colors to apply to all nails.

To make the first option, it is necessary to choose enamels of the same color, but in different shades.

Gradient done on different nails

Then, apply two layers of the chosen color on each nail and, finally, remove the excess with cotton and apply the drying spray.

To make the second option, select two colors of enamel, one lighter and one darker , like the blue used in the image.

Apply a layer of the chosen clear enamel over the entire nail and wait for it to dry.

Soon after, take a sponge (it could be makeup) and apply the light and dark enamel on it, and then stamp the nail with the sponge. Finally, remove the excess and apply the drying spray

See how to do the sponge technique on nails

Glamorous nails

We can say that the “glamor” of the nails is due to the application of several types of stones that transform the nails into real jewels.

To make them, just buy stones and crystals that you like best and leave them separate to be used after applying your favorite nail polish.

To apply the stones, use the tweezers and also the toothpick to position them in the area you want.

You can mount the jewel on the nails (with smaller and larger stones), or choose to buy it already assembled, so that it is glued to the nail like a conventional adhesive. The benefit of this last option is that it already has glue, making it more practical to apply.

However, if you want to put stones on your own, you need to have a suitable glue for nails, like these:

  • Tail for a Katy Profissional 5g ;
  • Belliz Nail Glue 5g ;
  • First Kiss Quick Dry Nail Glue with 3g .
Nail stickers make them glamorous and easy to finish.

Metallic style

If you have a preference for sparkling enamels, the metallic style is a great option for you to use several enamels in this category

Only 2 layers of colors were applied to the image: gold and silver .

However, it is possible to add geometric cutouts or metallic ribbons, leaving the nails with greater prominence.

Nails with glitter

Glitter nails are a trend that is here to stay, as it allows you to highlight your nails quickly and accurately.

To do this, it is necessary to apply an enamel with the color of your choice on the nails and wait a few minutes.

With the second layer still fresh, take the spatula and pour the glitter powder over the nail.

When you finish applying on the desired area, tap the finger (other than on the nail part) just to remove the excess glitter. And it’s ready!

How to make nails decorated with stickers?

Nail stickers are an extremely practical resource when decorating, so many people end up opting for them. In general, they are easy to find, since they are sold in cosmetics stores, pharmacies and online platforms.

The adhesive should not be applied directly to the nail, so apply an enamel before using it, it can only be a colorless base or another color of your choice.

The first step is to read the instructions on the sticker label, as some need to be moistened before application.

If it is necessary to wet, do it with a cotton or paper, wait a few seconds and then dry with a towel.

Then, just remove the film (with the help of a spatula or tweezers) and apply on the desired nail.

To finish, apply a colorless enamel over the nail to ensure the durability of the adhesive.

* Prices consulted in December 2020. Prices may change.

Just as there are different possibilities for having nails decorated, it is also possible to get out of the routine and make other productions for the festivities. Thinking about it, how about checking out some tips for creating different styles of make up ? We have several articles on!