How to grow a beard? Tips for healthy growth

If you want to have a big beard you must have seen several techniques, methods and superstitions to make your beard grow faster.

However, the safest way for you to definitely grow your beard is by acquiring some simple and basic skin and hair care on a daily basis.

Nothing so complex.

Some simple habits adopted in your routine are already able to assist in the growth of hair in a healthier and more reliable way.


Tips on how to grow a beard

So that you can actually see the results, we have separated some tips on how to grow a beard. Check it out below:

Clean your face daily

To make your beard grow you need to combine a number of factors. The main one is to have a clean skin.

During the day to day, we are always in contact with factors that increase the amount of residues on our skin, such as excessive makeup, pollution etc.

This makes it necessary to clean the face daily, to remove the almost microscopic impurities that are present on the skin and that can impair the growth of the beard.

Choose the specific soap for your skin type (normal, mixed, dry or oily) and use it every day.

Make weekly scrubs

Another important tip to fit in the face hygiene routine is exfoliation once a week, as this step can also help in the growth of your beard.

This way, your face will be free of impurities and will also have the dead cells removed, preventing the hair follicles from becoming inflamed or blocked during the growth of the beard.

Have a balanced diet

Following, we have another important tip for you – healthy eating. By now you may be asking yourself “but what does eating have to do with a beard?”.

In fact, everything. Our body daily needs several vitamins to perform some functions, such as for the growth of nails and hair, for example.

So, if the person keeps a diet low in nutrients, this growth process can be affected.

For this to not happen, it is necessary to have a balanced diet and rich in nutrients. This way it is possible to supply the lack of vitamins and assist in the process of hair growth in a healthy way.

To do this, try to consume foods that have a large amount of zinc, vitamin D and magnesium. These nutrients directly assist in the growth of beard, hair and nails, leaving them with more strength and resistance.

Practice exercises

The main hormone responsible for hair growth (facial and body) is testosterone. That way, the more testosterone the greater the tendency for you to have a thick, full beard.

That’s where physical exercise comes in. Keeping the body moving is one of the best ways to increase the production of this hormone.

But for this the practice must be done regularly, at least 5 times a week.

In addition, exercise improves blood circulation. The better this circulation means that more nutrients and vitamins are being delivered by the body, which are important for hair growth to happen more intensely.

After physical activities it is common for you to be very sweaty. So be sure to wash your face well to clean your skin of impurities. Leaving the follicles free to breathe, the beard tends to grow faster.

Invest in supplementation

Here we have already started to go into solutions that are not very natural, but that can also be healthy to ensure that your beard grows.

It is the use of some vitamin supplements that can be indicated to supply the lack of essential vitamins and minerals for our body that are not being acquired in the diet.

However, before you start taking it, the recommendation is that you see a doctor. Through a follow-up with the professional it is possible to detect some type of nutritional deficiency in your body and the need for supplementation.

If necessary, some supplements based on biotin (vitamin B8, responsible for improving the health of the skin, hair and nails) can be recommended. On average, 2.5 mg a day of these supplements is enough to stimulate beard growth.

But this dosage can vary from person to person and only a health professional can indicate the specific amount for each case.

Remedies to accelerate beard growth

In addition to the tips, there are also some remedies that help to stimulate the growth of the beard and also the hair. For example Minoxidil , a drug commonly used to treat baldness.

This product acts as a peripheral vasodilator, which is basically the relaxation of hair follicles, facilitating hair growth.

It is worth mentioning that the use of these products should always be done after guidance from a health professional , in this case, a dermatologist.

To grow a beard, there is no miracle. The best solution is to adopt healthy habits to accelerate the hair growth process.

In fact, some tips include professional monitoring, which is to make you feel safer.

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