Damage to male fertility by anabolics is reversible

The use of anabolic steroids without medical advice poses health risks. Although it is nothing new, the cases of complications related to misuse are still high.

These substances, derived from testosterone (male sex hormone), are produced in laboratories synthetically and promote the increase of the body’s muscles (hypertrophy).

A study presented at the annual meeting of the Society of Endocrinology in New Orleans, USA, showed that androgens are also capable of causing infertility.

For researchers, men who abuse anabolic steroids may suffer from low production of the hormone testosterone and, also, of sperm .

But after stopping or stopping use, damage to fertility can, in general, be reversed.

By the study, it was seen that after 14 months the sperm production had already stabilized and in 19 months the levels of luteinizing hormone had also normalized.

The discovery was made by scientists at the University of Sydney and the Concord Repatriation General , Hospital in Australia, in which tests were carried out with 93 men.

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The search

The 93 men were divided into 3 groups:

  • 41 of them were using testosterone or steroids during the research;
  • 31 of them had already used steroids, but had been without drugs for 3 months or more;
  • 21 were healthy who exercised without using these substances.

Those who were still taking some hormones during the study had smaller testicles and less sperm production.

In addition, for these same participants (men who were using anabolic steroids) it was possible to see a decrease in the levels of another hormone, the luteinizing one.

It acts directly on the testicles and influences the production of sperm.

Among those who had not used any anabolic substance for 3 months or more, the results were similar to the participants who never took anything.

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The search for better performance and appearance often leads to the use of anabolic substances without proper medical monitoring. Which can be quite harmful to health.