Anabolic steroids and supplements: what is the difference between them?

Often confused, food supplements and anabolic steroids have different functions. While the first is recommended for people with deficiencies of certain nutrients, the second should not be used by anyone, except in specific cases.

Formed by hormones, anabolic steroids interfere with muscle formation, a fact that causes it to be used inappropriately for this purpose. However, it can be indicated for cases of prevention and treatment of problems associated with testosterone or growth hormone.

Food supplements have characteristics similar to those of food and serve to treat diseases, as well as prevent them. Cases of poor appetite and inadequate nutrition can also be corrected with these products.


Main differences

  • Anabolic steroids are produced by the pharmaceutical industry, while supplements are produced by the food industry;
  • Supplements use food and its extracts as the main ingredients in its composition, while anabolic steroids are made up of synthetic substances made in the laboratory;
  • Anabolics are indicated to treat health problems, while supplements can be used to maintain health by healthy people;
  • Food supplements need nutritional or medical guidance for their use. Anabolic steroids, in turn, need medical advice and must be applied by nurses or pharmaceutical technicians.


It is important to note that food supplements should not be used indiscriminately, nor should they replace daily meals. Found in tablets, powder, liquid and tablets, they serve only as a food supplement.

When the supplement may be needed

Some signs may indicate the absence of minerals and vitamins : low productivity, changes in the menstrual cycle, excessive sleep, weak nails, the appearance of purple spots on the skin.

Changes and the use of anabolic steroids

The results are visible to people who use the product incorrectly. Although there is an increase in incorrect muscle mass, it is possible to feel other consequences as well.

In women there is a thickening of the voice, increased hair, hair loss and also changes that leave the menstrual cycle irregular. In men, in turn, breast growth and infertility are possible.

In addition, in both sexes its indiscriminate use can lead to heart disease, the appearance of acne, hypertension and even damage the liver.