Male contraceptive pill has promising studies

When we talk about birth control pills, we automatically remember the figure of the woman.

Many make use of this treatment daily, which alters the production of female hormones, preventing entry into the fertile period .

However, birth control pills for men are an unknown subject, as there is no such contraceptive on the market yet.

But that reality may be changing.

According to new research, scientists are already working to develop reversible contraceptives for men, and advances are happening.

Tests were carried out on about 40 healthy men, who received the pill called 11-beta-MNTDC. Another group received a placebo, basically a substance that simulates the effects of the pill, but is not linked to a direct action on the body.

It was from then on that the advances could already be noticed by the researchers.

All men participating in the study, who received the drug, passed safety tests.

Effects on the body

When ingested by men, in the same way that the pill acts on the female body, it will also decrease hormone levels. In this case, testosterone (the main male hormone).

This decrease would cause the male reproductive system to enter a state of hormonal deficiency, that is, the body would feel the lack of testosterone, which naturally would also affect the sexual desire of the man.

However, according to the researchers, the effect of the new pill was different.

The drug was able to affect sperm production by decreasing hormone levels, but without changing libido (sexual desire).

In the test it was still possible to see other side effects, but according to the researchers they are mild and few, such as headache , acne and fatigue .

The next step

Through the study it was also possible to see that the contraceptive would take about 60 to 90 days to start affecting the production of sperm, and that the short time used in the study was unable to predict the maximum effects of the contraceptive.

At the moment, scientists themselves are already planning other studies on the pill, however, more lasting.

If the effectiveness is confirmed, the next test will be done on sexually active couples, but all of this could take 10 years or more, according to the study’s authors.

Oral contraceptives for men can be considered a breakthrough in medicine. But while new tests and studies are being done, condoms and vasectomies may be an option.

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