Erection problems are common during old age

Over the years the body tends to age and have some of its functions impaired, but it is still possible to have pleasure during sex. Sexual satisfaction decreases over time, but this situation can be reversed with medications that help with erection. Despite this, the main recommendation remains the frequent practice of physical exercises.

Elderly men who have healthy habits, practice physical exercises and have a good diet can have erections naturally, without having to resort to the help of medications. Health care makes the body function naturally and erections occur even after the age of 80.


Factors that can harm

Those who have diseases such as diabetes , related to circulation and hypertension may have difficulties during sexual intercourse. This is because the process that leads to erection depends on stimuli received in a neurovascular response, which provides dilation of the penile cavernous parts and leads to increased blood flow in the penis.

Hormonal changes, chronic diseases, neurological diseases or high cholesterol are other problems that can influence sexual pleasure. It is not uncommon to have an erection in which the man is unable to maintain it until the couple is satisfied, so it is important from an early age to be concerned about health and correctly treat these complications.

The time

Although healthy habits provide older men with a longer vitality, it is necessary to respect the limits of the body, which changes over the years. The difference in time that a young person and an elderly person need to recover from an erection and achieve another is quite significant.

An older person may need 1 to 5 days to fully recover, while the young person may only need 20 minutes and is ready for another erection.

Men over 45 years old can already notice a difference in sexual intercourse. This is due to lower testosterone levels. This drop results in a decrease in physical disposition and also in libido, which promotes a deficiency in penile sensitivity and erection.


Although the physical issue is extremely important for good sexual performance, the emotional side also counts a lot when it comes to sex. Stress , insecurity and inexperience are some of the influential factors that can cause sexual impotence, which is not old enough to happen. The chemistry between the couple is considered a determining factor for a good relationship between two.