The penis grows up to what age? See what size by age

Every man has had doubts about the size of his penis. Serious. Every man. Don’t try to deny it. At some point in your life you asked yourself that question: is my penis size normal?

Well, penis size is defined especially by genetics, so you can’t do much about it. However, we can still learn a lot about it. Check out everything about penis size below!


How does the penis work?

The penis is the male reproductive organ. It consists of the glans, which is the head, full of nerve endings, a spongy body that surrounds and protects the urethra, and two cavernous bodies, which are on the sides.

During erection, these three bodies are filled with blood. This is what allows penis growth in times of sexual arousal.

The penis grows up to what age?

The penis grows up to 18 years of age. The organ begins to develop at 12 years of age and its length increases until close to 18.

After that, he thickens and reaches his adult state at approximately 21 years of age, when male puberty ends. The average Brazilian penis is 15.7 cm and the global average is close to 14 cm.

What is the average size of a penis?

Between 12 and 16 cm, a penis is considered within the global average, the 14 cm. In Brazil, the average is 15.7 cm but, as a curiosity, know that the country with the highest average is the Democratic Republic of Congo, with 17.93 cm and the one with the lowest average is Nepal, with 9.3 cm.

So, if you are an adult and your penis is between 12 and 16 cm, your penis is the normal size.

The Brazilian circumference – or thickness, if you prefer – is 12.99 cm. The country with the thickest penis is France, with 13.63, while the country with the thinnest is Turkey, with 8.89 cm, so we are fine.

But beware: these numbers are based on fully developed adults. Therefore, if you are in your teens, it is likely that you have not yet reached the maximum size.

It is important to know the right way to take the measurement: it must be taken at the top of the penis, starting from the pubic bone (which is at the base of the penis) and going to the end of the glans (the head). In order to know the circumference of your penis, the measuring tape should be wrapped just below the glans, on his body.

You can see, by clicking here , a super interesting interactive map with the results of a global survey on penis size from several countries. The map considers 116 nations and has data on length and circumference and even volume. Worth a look.

Mean penile: what is the size by age?

If any doubt regarding the size of the penis arises, the ideal is to talk to a (a) pediatrician, urologist or endocrinologist who can evaluate the organ according to tables and proportions.

However, according to the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics, it is important to know that boys of the same age may have different penis sizes, as well as shapes or thickness.

In general, penile growth occurs in four stages of the boy:


Still in the mother’s belly, the penis is formed. At birth, the size of the organ is about 3.7 cm.

From 0 to 3 years

At this stage, the penis grows about 1.5 cm. Therefore, the average size is 6.2cm until 3 years old.

3 to 11 years

At this stage, the penis increases by about 1.5 cm. Thus, the average size is 7.7 cm until the age of 11.

11 to 18 years

The penis grows about 6.5c, until it reaches the adult size. Thus, the average penis is close to 14.5 cm up to 18 years.

Sex and penis size

Even though it is relevant, size is not the main factor during sex. Partner preference is varied. There are those who like the big ones and there are those who like the small ones, and contrary to what porn movies make it look like, there is a penis that is too big.

Vaginal tenderness exists throughout the length of the vagina, but it is especially greater in the first few centimeters of the vagina. The clitoris, the female sexual organ intended only for pleasure, is on top of the entrance, but it extends inside the female body, bypassing the vaginal walls in the first few centimeters, and can be stimulated from the inside.

That’s why, if your penis is below average, you don’t have to worry so much about sex. Knowing what pleases your partner is more important, and it varies from person to person. Talk, discuss and discover your company’s preferences, and your ability to provide pleasure will increase much more than if you were just a few inches more.

Does smoking make your penis smaller?

In a way, yes. Smoking affects all the organs of the body in a negative way and this includes the penis. One of the effects of cigarettes is the partial or total blockage of blood vessels, hindering the circulation of blood. These blocks can cause less blood to reach the penis during erection, causing impotence.

Even when the smoker with blockages in the vessels caused by the cigarette is able to achieve an erection, the penis is not completely erect. Over the years, it may lose part of its maximum size, and may decrease by up to 1 cm over the course of a person’s life.

Crooked penis: is it a problem?

No, it’s not! The crooked penis is something common. As long as there is no pain during penetration and it is not hindered by the angle of the penis, there is nothing to worry about.

There are several causes for a crooked penis. If the urethra does not follow the growth of the corpora cavernosa, for example, it can bend to one side. It can also happen that a cavernous body grows more than another, some congenital diseases, in addition to trauma such as penile fractures.

Wait a minute, can the penis break?

The penis has no bone, but it can break, so you better watch out for it! The fracture is rare, but it can happen.

The cavernous and spongy bodies are each protected by a layer called the tunica albuginea. This layer is very resistant and flexible. When the penis is erect, it also stretches, becoming thinner and more sensitive. If any force bends the penis, the white tunica may break. It’s what they call a penile fracture.

With the rupture of the tunic, the blood present in the corpora cavernosa or spongy seeps into the other tissues of the penis, and can go up to the scrotum.

In most cases, penile fractures occur during sex. Often when the woman is on top. It happens when the penis escapes from inside the vaginal canal and, when trying to penetrate again, it meets the hip of the partner, bending.

The fracture only happens when the penis is erect and you can hear a crack that resembles a bone breaking. The penis loses its erection and hurts a lot, in addition to having bruises on the body due to the leaking blood.

It is necessary to seek medical help as soon as possible, as the rupture of the white tunica, if left untreated, can have several consequences such as permanent deformity of the penis, pain during sex and even impotence.

Growers and showers

If you are a man, you may have found yourself in a men’s locker room where several colleagues were changing, and it is very likely that you have compared yourself with others, concerned with your size. It is good to know about the difference between growers  and showers .

The word grower  comes from grow, from the English, “to grow”. Most men fall into this category. The penis, when flaccid, varies from 3 to 6 cm, and when standing erect it can double and even triple in size.

Already shower  comes from show , the English display. The shower  is the one that shows. Showers’ penis, when flaccid, are 9 to 11 cm, but unlike growers , they do not grow much when erect.

Now that you know this, if you are a grower and see a colleague in the locker room who looks huge, even flabby, you don’t need to be embarrassed or think your penis is small. That of growers grows a lot, that of showers not much and, in the end, when upright, the average is the same.

Can I enlarge my penis?

There are some promises to enlarge the penis, even when there is no medical need for it. However, it is worth mentioning that, obviously, they are not recommended. Understand:

Magic penile augmentation formulas

First, let’s talk about the internet. You may have already received an email or seen some internet advertising that promised to increase your penis size. Penis pumps, miracle drugs, dozens of techniques that “impress doctors” or any variation of that.

None of these techniques are scientifically proven. Many of them are scientifically refuted , being classified as ineffective. In addition, certainly many of them have already left doctors really impressed, after all, there are extremely dangerous “techniques” on the internet. It is better to stay away from it.

Nobody wants to be impotent because they bought something to inject into the penis, or worse, have a necrosis and need to amputate it.

Surgical augmentation

There is no approved medical procedure or surgical technique to enlarge the penis. In Brazil, there are experimental surgeries that, by law, can only be performed in an academic environment. In addition, the risks are enormous.

There are many blood vessels in the organ and they are essential for the functioning of the penis. Anything that goes wrong with surgery can compromise your erection capacity. There are some cases in which a doctor may recommend surgery, but we will talk about them shortly.

I have a small penis, now what?

Some situations can make a penis look smaller than it is. Obesity , for example, causes accumulation of fat in the pelvic area and the base of the penis can stay inside the fat, making it appear smaller.

Pubic hair also has the same effect. Epilation can give the impression that the penis is bigger.

If your penis is below average in size, don’t worry. Your sexual capacity is not diminished by this and it is possible to give and receive pleasure. Size isn’t everything.

Stay away from the miracle methods of the internet to enlarge your penis. It has been said before, but it is worth remembering: there is no scientific evidence that they work, and many are dangerous .

I have a micropenis, now what?

It is estimated that approximately 0.6% of men have the condition called micropenis .

A micropenis is defined as being well below the population average. Compared to the rest of the population, in an adult, the micropenis is less than 4 cm when flaccid and 7.5 cm when erect.

Some of the causes identified include a lack of growth hormone, a lack of testosterone during pregnancy and several genetic syndromes. Some cases of micropenis can be treated with testosterone injections in early childhood and there is, for some cases, phalloplasty surgery .

Phalloplasty surgery

This surgery is a penile reconstruction. Tissues from other parts of the body, often from the arm, are removed and placed on the penis to restore its function in cases where the organ is damaged. It can also be used for cases of micropenis.

The procedure is very complicated and risky. The tissue may not survive the transplant, which can cause necrosis, infections, urethral fistula and thrombosis .

Loss of sensation is common and approximately 30% of phalloplasty presents complications and must be removed. All of this can cause sequelae in people with healthy penises.

Suspension ligament surgery

Upper ligament surgery is another type of procedure that can enlarge the penis. It consists of cutting the ligaments above the penis, connecting the organ to the pelvic bone. This ligament serves to keep the penis, when erect, stabilized, facilitating penetration.

Such intervention allows the penis to move further away from the pelvic bone, making it appear larger, at the cost of stability. However, surgery also has risks. The penis may lose sensation, in addition to erection capacity.

Penile augmentation procedures are not recommended by doctors and most surgeries are performed on men of normal penis size.

Penis Health Care

The health of the penis is another very important thing. You should not be careless:


Keep yourself clean, right? Cleaning is essential to avoid bad smells, in addition to keeping your little friend healthy.

It is important to wash the foreskin (the skin that covers the glans) with soap and water every day to avoid infections and diseases that can attack the penis.

The use of condoms is essential in sexual relations with people whose genital health is unknown, to avoid STDs.

And I’m saying that again, because it’s important. Stay away from ads that promise to enlarge your penis. You don’t need them and they can be very dangerous.