New possibilities for the treatment of infertility

Infertility is a condition that affects the sexual health of more than 50 million people worldwide, and in Brazil alone, about 8 million men and women may be in this situation.

In cases where the man is considered infertile, this cause is usually associated with the poor quality of the sperm.

However, according to a new MedicineNet newsletter , the problem may not be due to the quality, but to the damage he suffers from ejaculation.

All of this was seen after the researchers compared the sperm quality of 139 men. Among that number, 63 were considered infertile and 76 were fertile.

Then, the study authors compared the quality of the ejaculated sperm of the two groups, which, as expected, showed the first group (infertile) with greater damage than the second (fertile).

However, in the second part of the research, the result surprised the scientists, because the sperm taken directly from the testicles of the man with infertility had the same quality as those ejaculated by the fertile.

Through this, it was possible to see that these damages occurred in the path of the testicles until ejaculation, which may be caused by oxidative stress and not by reproductive quality.

The discovery may serve as a future treatment option for men with fertilization problems to have children, with the reproductive cell being removed directly from the man’s testicle.

What is oxidative stress?

Oxidative stress is basically when cells are overloaded with free radicals, which are molecules capable of damaging healthy cells in the body.

The presence of free radicals can be aggravated by some bad habits, such as drinking alcohol, inadequate diet, use of cigarettes and a tiring routine.

To be avoided, it is important to maintain a diet of antioxidant foods that help to combat this problem. For example, foods rich in vitamin A and C (citrus fruits), carrots and beets.

Male infertility does not mean the impossibility of not having children, as, currently, there are options that help men to overcome this type of problem.