24 weeks of gestation: what happens to the mother and baby?

With 24 weeks of gestation, still in the second trimester of pregnancy, the woman can feel more sensitive, being much more emotional in everyday situations, such as when watching the news or watching movies.

Increased appetite can make a woman more eager to eat treats which, in moderation, are not prohibited. The important thing is that there is a balance, so that no essential nutrients are missing for your health and that of the baby.

Obviously, greater care with food needs to be done, but without so many charges. Pregnancy should not be a burden or a difficult period. It is important that the pregnant woman is well and happy, passing this well-being to the baby.

The monitoring of a nutritionist is essential for the pregnant woman to know what to eat and in the correct amount.

About the baby, it is known that in the 23rd week of pregnancy he has more sensitive hearing and is moving more. He starts kicking and punching, taking advantage of the space in the womb.

In a short time, the uterus will become small for so much movement.

Continue reading to find out what the changes are in the 24th week of pregnancy!


24 weeks of gestation is how many months?

If the woman has 24 weeks of management this means that she is in the 6th month . Some pregnant women also count the days. In this phase, approximately, there are still about 110 days until delivery.

Baby size and weight

The 24-week-old baby measures approximately 29cm from the head to the feet, and 21cm from the head to the butt. Its size is compared to that of an ear of corn.

The weight of the fetus is approximately 500g at the beginning of the week, but by the end of the week it should gain an average of another 200g.

How is the development of the fetus at 24 weeks of gestation?

The 24-week-old baby has very wrinkled skin, as he will still put on a lot of weight until the end of pregnancy. It is also more reddish, due to the blood vessels that become more apparent during this period. There is also the presence of fat under the skin, which will help protect the baby from the cold after birth.

The eyelids already have separation, but are still closed. You can notice the presence of lashes and see that the features of the face are more defined.

The baby’s hearing is more acute, so he already begins to associate noise, sounds and music. It is a good time to talk to him even more, so that he can assimilate the voice of his parents and family still in his belly.

The baby’s eye is also developed, but the iris has no pigmentation yet. Therefore, it will only be possible to know the color of the baby’s eyes in the coming months. Still, until birth, it can change.

Symptoms of the pregnant woman at 24 weeks of gestation

The pregnant woman still shows changes very similar to the previous week. Throughout this second trimester, the most striking symptoms are the presence of Braxton Hicks contractions , insomnia , tiredness , cramps, back pain and the possible appearance of Montgomery’s tubercles. Know more:


Insomnia, besides occurring due to the difficulty of the pregnant woman to find a comfortable position, because she is urinating more frequently, due to anxiety and other factors, also happens because the baby can be quite agitated during the night.

He tends to be more active between the 24th and 28th weeks , doing somersaults, kicking and punching his mother in the belly. Adding this to all the other symptoms, a woman can have a hard time getting a peaceful night’s sleep.

Montgomery tubers

They are little balls that look like pimples that appear around the nipples. It is normal for them to appear already at this stage, and it is important that the pregnant woman does not squeeze them due to the risk of inflammation.

The function of these Montgomery tubers is to protect and lubricate, as they release an oil that helps when breastfeeding and also protects against bacteria.


Tiredness can be normal during pregnancy, as the woman is going through many changes in her body.

The weight of the belly, the fatigue caused by the pressure that the baby puts on the diaphragm, the pain and the bad nights are some of the factors that can make the woman more tired.

However, it can also be an indication that iron is lacking in the diet. Feeling very weak, short of breath and fainting can be an alert for anemia .

When having these symptoms, the pregnant woman should see a doctor for the diagnosis. It is also essential to include foods rich in the nutrient in daily life, such as liver, beans , cabbage and lentils.

Braxton Hicks contractions

These are contractions similar to what a woman feels when she is going into labor, but they do not cause severe pain and great discomfort.

They can be similar to menstrual cramps. Their job is to train the uterus for delivery.

Stretch marks

The streaking may arise because the woman’s skin in the belly region, breasts, thighs and butt, for example, stretch due to increased weight. It is more common in those who already have a predisposition for the appearance of stretch marks, but it can happen for any pregnant woman.

To prevent this, many women invest in the use of moisturizing creams, lotions and oils throughout pregnancy.

The ideal is not to use any cream, as the products may have ingredients in the composition that are contraindicated during pregnancy. The most advisable is to check which creams can be used with a professional.

Pregnant belly size

The belly at this stage is much more rounded. The uterus is 3 cm to 5 cm above the navel.

Now there is no way to disguise it. The woman can always start to prefer the use of wider and more comfortable clothes, because probably the old ones are no longer suitable.

You may also notice that you cannot pass in very narrow places, such as between cars in the parking lot. Some pregnant women report that it is the stage when they are most spoiled, gaining more attention in places and passing in lines.

In addition to being a right, taking advantage of the preferred queue is important to avoid standing too long, as this can make the swelling in the legs, tiredness and back pain even worse.

Getting informed is the best way to understand the changes that are happening in the body during pregnancy and to quell curiosity about the baby’s development.

The anxiety of seeing the baby’s face grows every day, but by the 24th week of pregnancy, more than half of the pregnancy has passed and delivery is getting closer and closer.

Preparations for the child’s arrival can already begin and it is a form of distraction until the moment of delivery.