6 weeks of gestation: ultrasound and belly care

At 6 weeks of gestation, it is possible that other people may not even suspect your pregnancy yet. This is because there is no sign of an apparent pregnant belly, as there are in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy.

It is almost 2 months of gestation until this 6th week and the fetus is still very small. Its size is approximately 4mm (compared to the size of a pomegranate seed).

What happens to 6 weeks of gestation?

The fetus, at 6 weeks of gestation, is a very small embryo, but its development is accelerated. In the ultrasound, it is already possible to notice some structures forming, like the heart bombarding blood, in a rhythmic way (like a drum), for all the regions already developed.

The neural tube, during that week, also begins to close on what will be the spinal cord in the future. There is also the development of small folds of tissue that, throughout pregnancy, will become the child’s cheeks, jaws and chin.

Where the baby’s eyes will be in the future, only black spots can be seen. Although very small and primitive, some structures like arms and legs are beginning to appear.

In pregnant women, some symptoms also appear and become more frequent, such as morning sickness. It is also common for the mother to have greater sensitivity in the breasts, as a consequence of increased blood circulation and increased production of breast cells.


Usually, the first ultrasound happens after the 11th week, when the baby’s development is already a little more advanced. However, after the 5th week it is already possible to schedule the first exam.

Before that, it is not recommended because it is not possible to identify any signs of pregnancy.

In the 6th week, if the ultrasound is performed, the doctor will be able to observe the gestational sac. You can also check that an ectopic pregnancy has not occurred and identify the fetus’ heartbeat.

However, if the woman waits a few more weeks, she will be able to confirm her gestational age and how many babies are in her belly.

What are the precautions with 6 weeks of gestation?

During this early pregnancy, it is important that the woman maintains a healthy life routine, resting, eating well and practicing light exercises. You should always follow up with your doctor and seek help if you have any unusual symptoms, such as pain and bleeding.

For having a greater sensitivity in the breasts, it is always recommended to wear bras and comfortable clothes that do not tighten the breast area.

How’s the belly? Can you see it yet?

At 6 weeks, almost 2 months of gestation, it is still not possible to see the mother’s belly. The fetus is still very small and therefore the physical changes are barely noticeable. To give you an idea, his size at 6 weeks is approximately 4mm and his weight is 1g.

At 6 weeks of gestation, mom is still very early in pregnancy. In this first trimester, the symptoms can be uncomfortable, but soon most women will notice them with less intensity. The fetus, although small, is developing at full throttle.