10 weeks of gestation: can you already notice the mother’s belly?

At 10 weeks of gestation, it may be that the mother has already noticed some movement inside the belly. But it is quite possible that the agitation that is already occurring cannot be noticed yet.

In this phase, pregnancy is in the last phase of the 3rd trimester. That is, in the third month.

The belly starts to protrude, but those more intense symptoms are likely to reduce. That’s because hormonal variations now tend to be less.

The mother can also be more relaxed, as finishing the first trimester in a healthy way is a good sign that everything will be fine. These first 3 months are usually a more critical period, with greater risks to the continuation of pregnancy or the correct formation of the baby.


10 weeks of gestation is how many months?

10 weeks of gestation equals the first week of the 3rd month – and comprises 70 to 77 days of pregnancy! That is, in the previous week the mother was still in the second month. Now, the mother will start the final stretch of the first trimester.

Baby size: can you see the belly already?

The baby is approximately 31mm in size, measuring from the head to the end of the spine. Its small size will evolve rapidly in the coming weeks, but the weight is still only 4g. If you could buy it, it would be something like a grape unit .

It may be that the mother already perceives and displays the belly of the pregnant woman, but it may be that she is even more discreet. This will depend on the woman’s biotype and her body structure. In general, from now on the waist will become wider and the belly will be rounded.

Although it seems that there are few external changes in the mother, the changes inside the womb are in full swing! The baby’s initial structures are formed and improving. Some organs are already functioning and there is already production of fluids!

Gastric juice is already being formed and the kidneys produce urine. The small joints are formed and allow the small or small to make movements. In fact, there is still plenty of space in the womb. This allows the child to move around a lot. However, this energy may not be very noticeable, due to the uterine space.

Symptoms at 10 weeks of gestation

Sleep and tiredness can still be intense. Although they can last the entire pregnancy, in the first trimester they tend to be even stronger. The pain may appear now, especially the extra weight begins to affect the mother’s posture.

It is always good to think of pillows and comfortable sleeping positions. Nausea nausea can occur, but there is a more specific symptom that can arise: increased salivation.

It is not known exactly why this change occurred. But it may be accompanied by excessive vomiting or stomach acid.

In addition, other changes that can be noticed are breast tenderness, darkening of the areola and increased breast weight.

Now, blood circulation will also be altered. The mother’s heart starts to pump more blood which will be important to nourish the placenta and ensure the baby’s development.

Because of this, it is important that the mother seeks activities and behaviors that assist in this circulation, avoiding varicose veins or swelling in the feet.

Care with 10 weeks of gestation

Taking short walks will be very effective in stimulating and facilitating blood circulation. This reduces swelling and pain in the legs and feet. Wearing comfortable shoes, avoiding clothes that can tighten the skin and avoid spending long hours in the same position are simple measures that improve blood circulation.

Maintaining a good fluid intake helps to keep the kidneys and bladders working properly. Gradually, the urge to urinate is more frequent due to the fetus compressing the bladder, but maintaining hydration is very important.

Betting on nutrient-rich food is essential. So, going to the obstetric consultation and following the guidelines on food, exams and activities is the best way to continue a healthy pregnancy!

Including eggs, milk, oilseeds and a variety of fruits will be great for the mother’s well-being. Incidentally, the intestine can also show signs of being lazier. Therefore, foods rich in fiber make a difference in the diet.


At 10 weeks of gestation it is already possible that the date of the ultrasound is coming. In general, the exam is done until the 13th week, being very important to assess the baby’s formation, the integrity of the gestational sac, in addition to assessing the heartbeat of the small or small.

If the mother does not know exactly when the last menstrual period (LMP) occurred, ultrasound can help to estimate or conform the gestational age.

The performance of the first ultrasound scan is very important to confirm this pregnancy time. This is because the estimate of the last menstrual period is not always correct. However, babies start to have a different formation from the 2nd trimester, being able to grow and develop at different rates. Thus, it is more difficult to estimate their age by imaging.

To know the sex of the baby, ultrasound at 10 weeks is not the most suitable. Only after the 13th can you see if it is a boy or a girl. However, for curious mothers, there is an examination of fetal sexing, which can be done from the 8th week and already answers the question.