28 weeks of gestation: how are mother and baby?

At 28 weeks, pregnancy is in the 7th month .

The last quarter, as well as the entire pregnancy, is full of changes. But now the time of childbirth is actually getting closer.

It is recommended that the pregnant woman try to relax and take the opportunity to strengthen the bonds with the child. Food rich in fruits and vegetables and good sleep quality are also essential.

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What are the symptoms at 28 weeks of gestation?

In the 28th week of pregnancy, the symptoms are contractions of training and difficulty in breathing. Stretch marks can also be common at this stage.

Learn a little more about each of them:

False contractions

It is normal for the pregnant woman to feel that the uterus has hardened and after a few seconds she relaxed.

This sensation is called false contraction or contraction of training and serves to prepare the muscles of the uterus and the vaginal canal for the moment of childbirth.

occur soon. In general, they should not cause any concerns when they are fleeting, lasting less than 1 minute.

These contractions are not accompanied by severe pain, bleeding or fever . If the pregnant woman manifests these symptoms, she should seek medical advice urgently.

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Difficulty breathing

As the baby is growing, the uterus needs to expand together. This can end up squeezing the diaphragm, causing pain in that region, hiccups and difficulty breathing.

The baby’s movements, such as kicks and punches, can also cause these discomforts. In these situations, the pregnant woman can sit or lie down in a comfortable position, breathe deeply and calmly, and lightly massage the belly.

Stretch marks

With the growth of the baby, it is normal for the skin (especially the belly) to stretch. This can cause stretch marks.

In this phase, the pregnant woman can massage with oils and moisturizing creams specific to pregnancy, which can prevent stretch marks.

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How’s the baby in the belly? Does he move a lot?

At 28 weeks of gestation, the baby is approximately 37cm and weighs between 900g and 1.1kg. Some systems (such as the respiratory and immune systems) are still in formation and will mature until delivery.

If the baby has not yet turned around, fitting the head into the pelvis, the doctor can assess the position he is in and, if necessary, pass on some tips, such as physical exercises.

He can identify sounds, such as his mother’s voice, and his eyes can open for a few moments, which allows him to recognize the light. At this stage, vision and hearing are being improved.

Despite learning to use the senses, the baby’s favorite activity inside the belly is sleeping, which can reach up to 12 consecutive hours of sleep.

In addition, space is shrinking, making it difficult to move, which tends to occur less and less frequently.

However, mothers should try to feel the baby moving, especially after eating candy or if they are lying down.

After all, the movement is an indication that the baby is healthy and full of vitality.