How to do pregnancy test (pharmacy and blood test)?

For those who have never had a pregnancy test, the information is always facilitating. Check out how it works and how to proceed in each type of exam:

Pharmacy test

The pharmacy test is quite quick and the result appears in less than 5 minutes. It is recommended to perform them with the first urine of the day. Although, according to the manufacturers, they can be made with any pee sample throughout the day, it is in the first sample that the chances of false negative are less, as there is no risk that the urine is diluted.

If you have ever had a urine test, you know that the recommendation is to discard the first jet and collect the rest of the pee. Then you can follow the same procedure.

In addition, the most suitable is that the method is made from the 1st day of the delay, because before that there is a greater chance of a false negative.

If the test is negative, but menstruation is still delayed or there are indicative symptoms (such as nausea), the woman should repeat the test after at least 3 days.

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The tests are, for the most part, quite similar in their performance, but it is always necessary to  carefully read the instruction leaflet  that comes with each product. Both the tape test and the digital test can, in general, be done with the urine collector or by placing the meter directly on the jet.

Before carrying out, check that the model you purchased can be done in both ways.

With collector

In general, to do so, just follow the following steps:

  1. Open the test (only at the time of use so as not to run the risk of alteration);
  2. If the test is accompanied by the collecting cup, pee in the container and immerse the tip of the rod indicated in the urine, ensuring that the entire required region is immersed in the liquid. If the cup does not come, you can purchase one separately in pharmacies;
  3. Wait 10 seconds and remove the meter from the collecting cup, leaving it to rest on a flat surface.

Ideally, the pee should be used in the test right after it is done, however some manufacturers indicate that, after peeing in the collector, you can use it in up to 2 hours if left at room temperature, or in up to 4 hours if kept in refrigerator.

Some tests may show a pink line in the first few seconds, but this is only an indication that the meter is reacting. You should wait between 1 and 3 minutes for the final result.

Directly in the urine stream

If you prefer to dispense with the collector or do not want to purchase one separately, you can perform the test as follows:

  1. Open the test (only at the time of use so as not to run the risk of alteration);
  2. Identify the detection tip and place it under the urine stream for 5 seconds (or according to the manufacturer’s recommendation);
  3. Rest the meter on a flat surface and wait for 1 to 3 minutes, according to the instructions.

Laboratory examination

The blood test to detect pregnancy follows the traditional collection procedure, in which a sample will be taken from the vein in the arm, unless it is not possible or feasible to perform the puncture at the site.

You don’t have to be fasting to take the qualitative or quantitative exam. In the case of the first, reading the exam is simple, with results such as “positive / reactive” or “negative / non-reactive”.

The quantitative type often needs more care. Some laboratories may recommend that the patient has not used biotin (vitamin B7) in the past 72 hours, or contrast tests in the last 48 hours.

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