How to apply blush? Tips for fine-tuning and enhancing the face

Blush is used on the cheeks to leave the impression of a flushed face and enhance the cheekbones.

Each type of face requires a different application of the blush:

  • Square : apply blush diagonally but not too close to the nose;
  • Round : the blush should be applied to the lower parts of the cheekbones;
  • Triangular : apply it over the cheekbones, between the nose and the side of the face;
  • Oval : should receive blush on the high point of the cheekbones. It is also possible to spread some product on the cheeks towards the ear.

The darker skins are highlighted with blush in golden, brown and reddish tones (bronze and copper). Lighter skins combine with pink and slightly orange tones (like peach).

And those who like to test products, can find several presentations of blush. There are powder, liquid, stick and mousse versions. Each type has its advantages and is recommended for a skin type.

For example, liquid and stick blush are good for dry skin. The powder and sphere can be used by those with more oily skin.

But the tip is always to test and see the ways of application and adaptation to the result.


Tips for beginners: how to apply blush correctly?

Blushing is not at all difficult. Choosing the correct shade and the way of application can influence the final result of the makeup. But, in general, just take the product (with brush, sponge, a piece of cotton or your fingers) and apply it on the cheek, spreading it gently.

  1. Prepare the skin first: concealer, primer, foundation and powder should come before the blush;
  2. Choose the color of the blush how to apply it: there are several shades of blush for all tastes and goals. You should also choose whether you prefer to apply with a sponge, brush, cotton or with your fingers;
  3. Use the application tool to pick up some product ;
  4. Pass the cheek with back and forth movements: it is important to always make the movements with delicacy and smoothness, blending well so that it is not marked.
  5. Do not use too much product: this can end up loading the make and giving an artificial aspect;
  6. Apply the blush from the outside to the inside: the correct direction of applying the blush is from the ear to the nose, under the cheekbone, being at a distance of 2 fingers from the mouth.

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How to apply blush with your fingers?

To apply, take the product with your fingers and spread it across your cheeks gently. But despite guaranteeing a very natural result, applying the blush with your fingers is not highly recommended .

This is because the fingers make it difficult for the product to be spread correctly and the intensity of the color may become stronger or weaker than desired. In addition, it is not spread correctly.

If you don’t have a blush brush, try applying the product with a piece of cotton or tissue, or you can use a powder brush as well.

How to fine-tune your face with blush?

Blush can be used in many ways and for different purposes (to give more color and health, to mark the look, to give lightness). Even to fine tune your face.

First, to fine-tune your face with blush, it is necessary to use a darker tone than your skin. Pink and purple hues should be avoided in these cases.

Applying the product on the cheekbones and making strokes towards the temples helps to demarcate the face, acting as an outline that can be done with a darker blush.

You can also use the product on the sides of the cheek below the cheekbone. In that place, apply it diagonally, with lines coming out of the ear towards the mouth, keeping a distance of 2 fingers from the lips.

To complement the effect of the blush, use a little bit of illuminator on the high parts of the cheek (on the bone).

These applications help to highlight the shadows of the face and illuminate some regions that make the face thinner.

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Applying the blush correctly can highlight the make-up and highlights of the face, illuminated, highlighting and enhancing the make-up.