Can pregnant take lemon balm tea? See the effects

Teas are drinks that at first seem harmless. But the infusion of hot water with herbs, plants and flowers can pose risks for pregnancy.

Therefore, it is normal for pregnant women to have doubts about what is allowed and what is not allowed during this phase.

One of those teas that generates controversy is lemon balm. Learn more about it and its use in pregnancy in the text below.


Can pregnant women take lemon balm tea at the beginning of pregnancy? And in the end?

In most cases, the pregnant woman can actually drink lemon balm tea, as long as the amount is moderate. And the effects of drinking at the beginning or end of pregnancy are not very different.

However, it is recommended that the pregnant woman does not drink more than 2 cups throughout the day, preferably one in the morning and the other at night.

It is also worth mentioning that, during pregnancy, teas should not be consumed every day.

This to avoid dizziness and vomiting that can be caused if lemon balm tea is consumed in excess.

If you like tea very much, you can alternate the flavors allowed during pregnancy (chamomile, fennel, lemon balm) or have the same tea one or two days apart.

Which pregnant woman can take lemon balm tea for?

Usually this tea is used by pregnant women to calm anxiety about the baby’s arrival and to relieve abdominal nausea and discomfort during pregnancy.

Mild pains (in the womb, head and back) can also be combated with lemon balm tea.

What are the effects of lemon balm in pregnancy?

Lemon balm has several benefits for mom and baby:

  • It eases nausea;
  • Helps control anxiety;
  • Calms the baby;
  • Fights insomnia;
  • Improves sleep;
  • Reduces swelling;
  • Regulates the intestine;
  • Stimulates the production of breast milk.

Despite the benefits, some women may be more sensitive to the effects of the plant. Therefore, nausea, vomiting, dizziness and intestinal changes may occur after drinking the tea.

Therefore, it is important to always observe if there are symptoms that appear or are repeated after the consumption of the lemon balm. If they are noticed, the advice is to stop the use and seek medical advice.

If consumed correctly, lemon balm tea can benefit both mom and baby. The Healthy Minute brings other information about care during pregnancy . Check out our posts !!!