27 weeks of gestation: see the changes in the mother and baby

The 27th week of gestation marks the end of the 6th month and the beginning of the 3rd quarter . The baby is approximately 13 weeks away.

At this stage, clothes should be comfortable. Pants and skirts that do not pinch the belly are good options for clothing.

Another detail that can be fixed at this time is the hospital or the maternity hospital. Once chosen, information should be sought about what she offers (such as a bath towel or bedding) and what should be prepared for the stay of the mother and baby.

The baby’s room, crib, trousseau and car seat can also be organized and purchased.

Many of the characteristic symptoms of late pregnancy are not yet present. But it is very common for hemorrhoids, varicose veins and leg cramps to appear from now on.

To prevent or mitigate these complications, the ideal is to talk to the obstetrician.

Hair and skin can also change.

In some women, hormones make them brighter. In others, they can become drier or oily depending on how each organism reacts to the transformations of pregnancy.


What is the size of the baby at 27 weeks of gestation?

At 27 weeks, the baby measures between 34cm and 36cm and weighs approximately 1kg. Organs like the brain and the lung are still being developed.

The taste buds have already developed, that is, he can perceive the taste of the amniotic fluid, which changes according to what the mother eats.

Spicy dishes with pepper can cause hiccups in the baby. Sweet flavors, on the other hand, can agitate the little one.

He is also able to suck his thumb, which calms him down when he is agitated. This movement serves as training to learn how to suck the breast and thus be able to feed after childbirth.

At this stage of pregnancy, the baby is still covered with the layer of hair that covers it (lanugem).

In addition to the fluff, there is another layer called vernix, which also covers the entire baby. It consists of a whitish substance (similar to cream).

Both protect the baby from skin infections that can happen during pregnancy or delivery.

Does the baby sleep a lot?

Yes , the baby’s favorite activity inside the belly is sleeping, which can reach 12 hours of sleep.

He tends to sleep most of the time that the mother is awake. This is because the movements of the pregnant woman while she is awake end up cradling the little one.

On the other hand, when the pregnant woman lies down, these movements decrease and, thus, the baby wakes up.

Therefore, it is very common for mothers to complain about the difficulty of sleeping, since when they are relaxed and quiet, the baby tends to be awake and full of energy.

Many women worry about the baby’s sleep. But there are some very interesting things about their sleep at this stage.

It is common for more vivid and intense dreams to occur because of the large amount of hormones released into the bloodstream during pregnancy.

These hormones can influence the pregnant woman’s emotions and the way she perceives situations and processes information.

The American Gestation Association believes that it is possible to have more nightmares or to make it easier to remember dreams throughout the day.

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How are the exams after 27 weeks?

From now on, ultrasound exams can be ordered more often, especially if the pregnancy is at risk.

The obstetrician may require some tests with more detailed images that show the baby’s internal development, such as fetal echocardiography to see how your heart is working.

In addition to these, the other tests that can be done at the 27th week of pregnancy are:


Another exam that can be done this week is Dopplerfluxometry, which analyzes how the baby’s placenta and blood circulation is doing.

It also assesses whether the little one is getting the right amount of nutrients and oxygen.

This exam is like an ultrasound and does not require any preparation such as fasting or drinking water.

Examination of gestational diabetes

The test is quite simple, although it needs to be done in a laboratory or hospital.

The pregnant woman should ingest some glucose and then do some blood tests that, in a short time, will tell if the woman developed diabetes during pregnancy.

The gestational diabetes requires some special care (in the feed, for example) and if untreated may induce premature labor .

The 27th week marks the beginning of the 3rd quarter. The baby’s maternity, bedroom and layette can now be defined and prepared.

If on the outside, anxiety and expectation are great, on the inside, the baby likes to sleep.

To ensure the baby and mommy sleep peacefully, exams such as ultrasound should be done whenever requested by the obstetrician.