Can pregnant dye her hair? See which inks are safe

It depends. During this period, it is common for care to double and many doubts about the subject arise. But is dyeing hair really a problem?

As the subject is hair coloring, the concern is natural since the products used in this process usually have strong chemical substances.


When is it safe to dye your hair?

According to gynecologist and obstetrician Cesar Augusto Ribas Mazalotti, it is necessary to look at the packaging. Products that are contraindicated, in general, have an alert or guidance if the dye or colorant can be used by pregnant women.

The ideal is always to talk to the doctor who accompanies the pregnancy, as any risk will always be known to the specialist.

In addition, there is caution about possible allergies that have nothing to do with pregnancy. Therefore, making allergic tests and knowing the products is important.

However, if wicks or lights are performed, where the application of the product has a certain distance from the scalp, in general, there is no problem in using it.

Some health professionals indicate the use of water-based products that do not contain substances toxic to the baby, such as ammonia. In addition, it is recommended that mothers perform this process after the 16th week of pregnancy.

Other precautions are also important in this process, such as:

  • Perform the procedure by professionals in the area in a space that is well ventilated;
  • Do not prepare or apply the tincture itself, avoiding risks of the product coming into contact with the skin;
  • Do not exceed the maximum time for the paint to act.

It is important that before any performance, both at home and in the salon, the woman consult an obstetrician for better information.

What type of paint can you dye your hair with?

Scientific research on this subject is very limited. Most of the time, these studies are prohibited by the ethics council, as there are possibilities in which the health of the mother and baby is at risk.

The most recommended are products without ammonia, such as the Soft Color Toner   and also the Biggen Dye . Products that do not contain heavy metals, such as lead, are also recommended.

With toner the recommendations are no different, so check the components before using.

Regarding color, some say that the most recommended are the softest. Taking into account the fact that bright colors have a greater number of chemical components, since the need for fixation and durability of the ink in the hair is greater.

Some natural options are Henna tincture or 100% vegetable, in which both have no chemical components.

Can you dye your hair while breastfeeding?

Yes, it is possible to dye your hair while breastfeeding. However, the recommendation is not to use paints with ammonia and mainly lead.

The risk, in this period, is that some substances affect the composition of breast milk. Thus, they can be transmitted to the baby, which can cause problems.

Risks during pregnancy due to hair color vary. The cases are very particular, depending a lot on the period and state in which the pregnancy is.

Therefore, look for an obstetrician and analyze all the characteristics, finding the best option for your particular case.

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