37 weeks of gestation: what are the symptoms and other doubts

In the 37th week of pregnancy, the trousseau must be complete and the maternity backpacks can begin to be made, since the woman can go into labor at any time.

Therefore, the mother must take advantage of these last days to take care of herself and the preparations for the arrival of the baby.

Hobbies and hobbies can help alleviate common anxiety and nervousness in this final phase.

Watching movies and series, reading books, listening to music, dancing and singing for the baby are suggestions of activities that most pregnant women can do.

The woman should take advantage of these last days to relax and rest before the baby is born.

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37 weeks of gestation is how many months?

Upon completing 37 weeks of gestation, the woman will be at the beginning of the 9th month .

The baby is ready to be born, but until the 42nd week it should gain more weight to be able to survive healthily out of the belly.

The lungs, in general, are almost ready for breathing and crying. The baby’s body is able to perceive on its own whether the respiratory system is already mature enough to survive outside the belly.

All organs and systems are completely shaped. But, in the vast majority of cases, they need to grow a little more to guarantee a smooth functioning.

At this stage, the baby is about the size of a chard foot, 50cm and almost 3kG, on average.

What are the symptoms in the 37th week of pregnancy?

With childbirth approaching, women should take more care of their health.

Maintaining a healthy diet, consuming adequate water, sleeping well and avoiding contact with cold can help to have a healthier delivery.

Still with all the care, moms may have some symptoms typical of the last month of pregnancy:

Frequent urination

As the birth is approaching, the baby must be turning to fit for the birth.

These movements can cause a little pressure on the mother’s bladder, which may make you want to pee several times a day.

Back pain

As the baby is going down to fit, the tummy may be lower than in the rest of the pregnancy.

This causes a change in the balance point of the body, which can end up causing back pain .

Pregnant women, especially late in pregnancy, should take care of posture to avoid discomfort and pressure on the spine.


The growth of the baby can put pressure on the stomach, causing the acids to spread to other organs such as the esophagus.

This generates that burning sensation, which is very common at the end of pregnancy.

Swollen breasts

The body already begins to prepare for breastfeeding. This can cause a feeling of swelling in the breasts. Therefore, discomfort and tenderness in the breasts are common in the 37th week.

It is also common to note that the aureole of the breasts may be larger or darker.

In pregnant women who produce a lot of milk, leaks can also happen, even if the baby has not been born yet.


It is normal for women to feel more tired during the final stage of pregnancy.

The quality of sleep can also be compromised in the 37th week of pregnancy, as the anxiety and some movements of the baby can take the sleep during the night.

Therefore, moms should rest whenever possible.

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Colic and contractions

Some women may experience cramps and contractions in the uterus. If they are transient and without bleeding, they are normal signs that the body is preparing for delivery.

These discomforts are caused by the movements of the baby or the uterus. In addition, it is possible to have dilations of the vaginal canal, which causes more discomfort.

Cramps and contractions tend to be stronger or more frequent as delivery approaches.

If in doubt, see a doctor regardless of whether you have symptoms or not!

Is it normal for a baby to be born at 37 weeks? Is it premature?

For a baby to be considered premature, birth must take place before 37 weeks of gestation. Until that period, although it is already formed, it is still growing, developing and gaining weight inside the mother’s belly.

If delivery is normal and not induced, it is normal for the baby to be born at the beginning of the 9th month .

Scheduled cesarean sections are not recommended during the 37th week of pregnancy. This is because the time of gestation is just a speculation of the baby’s maturity.

But since each baby has its own development time, the scheduled delivery can end up inducing a premature birth , without the baby really being ready to be born.

The Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) advises that, during the 37th week, the cesarean section should be performed only in life-threatening cases.

Upon completing 37 weeks of gestation, the expectation of the baby’s arrival is great. The woman needs to prepare herself emotionally for the birth and to start taking care of the baby.