How to enhance skin hydration? See tips!

Moisturizing the skin is something that is part of the routine of many people. However, just a simple hydration is sometimes not enough – either out of necessity due to skin problems or just out of personal taste.

But remember: everything in excess can be bad. When it comes to moisturizing your skin, care must be taken to carry out the care according to your real needs.

Therefore, we have separated some tips that can help to enhance hydration when necessary. In addition, if you do not have this habit, you can also check why it is so important to moisturize your skin (even if it is oily , for example). Check out:

Why is it important to moisturize your skin?

Hydration of the skin is basically the replacement or retention of water molecules in the layers of the dermis and epidermis (they are the most superficial of the skin).

Unlike what many people think, hydration is not only important for those who have dry skin or just to make it more beautiful. It also protects you from everyday external aggressions – which often lead to dryness or problems like dermatitis .

Other complications that may arise or be aggravated by dehydration are:

  • Sensitivity;
  • Rosacea;
  • Atopic dermatitis;
  • Cracks;
  • Rebound effect of greasiness;
  • Skin tightening;
  • Lack of elasticity;
  • Flaking.

Therefore, keeping your skin hydrated daily is very important for it to be healthy and, as an advantage, it will look even more beautiful, soft and even look younger.

It is also worth remembering that this step should always be performed on clean skin .

More than that, it is important to keep in mind that before using any product to moisturize the face, it is necessary to take care of the skin from the inside out. In this case, the key point is to drink plenty of water – essential for health and to keep your skin hydrated at all times.

Who should do a deep hydration on the skin?

All people should do the daily hydration of the skin. However, some need more in-depth care due to individual characteristics.

For example, those who have dry or extra-dry skin naturally will need a deeper hydration to really nourish it and prevent dryness. It is also common that the older you are, the more hydration is needed, so who is older needs to be aware of the skin conditions.

In addition, people with problems such as dermatitis, rosacea, psoriasis and other disorders that affect the dermis, may also need intense hydration.

So, in the following topic we will better understand how to enhance hydration:

How to enhance skin hydration?

The first step to enhance skin hydration is to choose the correct dermocosmetics, that is, those that are geared towards this functionality.

Therefore, always opt for products that promise a high hydrating power or keep an eye on the labels and look for substances such as:

  • Vitamin B5 and E;
  • Hyaluronic acid;
  • Niacinamide;
  • Karite butter;
  • Ceramides;
  • Glycerin.

These components are always associated with a moisturizing action, deeply nourishing the skin. But also check out some practical tips that you can use to make your daily hydration more powerful:

Face Mask

Facial masks are gaining more and more prominence in the skincare market and more and more options appear that aim to hydrate the skin. This was because, in the past, it was common for masks to be used only as a detox – like those made of clay.

However, it is now possible to find both cream and cotton masks (so famous in the routine of Asian women), which aim to nourish the skin.

In the cotton versions, in which the mask comes in a package and when removed, just “fit” the face, it comes completely wet – that is, full of product (serum).

Regardless of the type, it is ideal to use it only once a week, considering that the effect is potent. Here are some options:

  • Kiss NY Cotton Facial Mask ;
  • Hydra Bomb Garnier SkinActive Chamomile Facial Mask ;
  • Dermage Invigorating Detox Facial Mask ;
  • Nivea Hydrating Facial Mask 1 Minute Urban Detox ;
  • U.SK Under Skin Anti-Acne Facial Mask ;
  • Hydra Bomb Garnier SkinActive Pomegranate Facial Mask .

It is worth mentioning that people with oily skin can also use the masks, just opt ​​for versions that have light hydration or are intended for oily, mixed or acneic skins.


Serums are known for their watery texture and rapid absorption, in addition to the fact that they penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin – since they are super concentrated and rich in nutritional properties.

To enhance hydration with the help of a serum, there are basically two possibilities: apply them before the moisturizing cream, already making a first layer of nutrition. Or, mix 2 or 3 drops in the cream to enhance the effect.

There are different types of serums, with different functions. Some options are:

  • Dermage Improve C 10 Antioxidant Serum ;
  • Cicatricure Whitening Serum ;
  • Nivea Cellular Filler Facial Whitening Serum;
  • La Roche-Posay Hyalu B5 Repair Anti-Aging Serum ;
  • Bioderma Hydrabio Facial Serum .


The logic of using oils to enhance hydration is the same as that of serums. In general, the difference is that oils should be used in their pure and natural form, which tends to make them more potent than serums.

Among the most used in facial treatments are rosehip, tea tree , squalane, etc.

So, just choose the one you prefer and that is according to your needs, and mix 2 or 3 drops in a moisturizing cream.

Prepare the skin

Preparing the skin for the application of products is a very important step and it can help to potentiate the effect of each one of them.

In the case of hydration, something that can help is to apply a tonic (preferably one that is moisturizing) after washing the skin. That’s because it will help prepare the dermis to receive the following products.

In addition, once a week you can perform a facial scrub, which will help remove dead cells and leave your skin ready for deep hydration.

Apply correctly

The correct application favors the absorption of the products, especially for those who want a well hydrated skin.

A valuable tip is to gently massage the skin after applying the moisturizer or serum, this will help the product to penetrate the dermis. In addition, the movement also stimulates the production of collagen, an excellent ally for those who want healthy skin.

There are also those who wish to use accessories such as the jade roller – a facial roller made with jade stones or rose quartz, used to massage the face. These stones help to stimulate blood circulation and massage helps in facial drainage.

How to moisturize oily or acne-prone skin?

All skins need hydration, including oily or acne-prone skin. This is because the lack of hydration can lead to dryness, which can cause a rebound effect – that is, increase oiliness due to lack of water / hydration.

However, in order for the skin to completely absorb the product and not get even more oily, it is ideal to opt for creams with a very fluid texture or gel, which makes them lighter and with faster absorption. In addition to always cherish oil-free products in the composition.

It is worth remembering that it is essential to follow the guidance of a (a) dermatologist, considering that he / she will know what is best for your skin.