Penile cancer: simple care can prevent the disease

Most common from the age of 50, cancer of the penis is a tumor considered uncommon. Its appearance may be mainly associated with poor hygiene. Simple intimate care can prevent the complications of the disease, which can even lead to the removal of the organ.

Despite being an uncommon disease, penile cancer mainly affects men over 50. The lack of care and information are the main causes of its emergence.


Some factors can lead to the appearance of this type of cancer

  • Carelessness with intimate hygiene;
  • Phimosis;
  • Presence of white secretion, due to cell desquamation that can accumulate in the region;
  • HPV virus infection: studies associate infection as one of the possible causes of this cancer.

How to identify it

Some signs can characterize the onset of cancer, the most common are red wounds that do not heal. Other symptoms that usually affect men are:

  • Whitish-looking stains;
  • Nodules anywhere on the penis;
  • Groin languages.

The appearance of one or more of these signs should be sufficient for the visit to the doctor. The later treatment is started, the more advanced the disease may be.

Early diagnosis

Although it is a serious disease, early detection of this type of cancer usually leads to a cure. For the diagnosis to be made at the beginning, it is important that the man is always attentive to the aspect of the intimate organ, and also to his surroundings. Any changes or discomfort should be reported to the doctor.

Care to prevent

Simple attitudes can prevent penile cancer from arising. Washing the intimate area with soap and water, using a condom during sexual intercourse and performing phimosis surgery (which removes skin from the foreskin) are effective methods for its prevention.