Is there a cure for furuncle? How to treat and eliminate the infection

Yes, the boil is curable ! It is common that it does not even need to be treated and that it disappears on its own after a few days. Even when treatment is needed, it is usually simple and the patient can expect complete recovery.

Normally, the boil does not need treatment. It is common for the skin to break off on its own, releasing pus, relieving pain and eliminating infection. However, in some cases, the use of antibiotics may be necessary .

Know some treatment options and tips to eliminate the infection:



In cases of carbuncle, surgical drainage may be necessary to eliminate infection and necrosis.

Speed ​​up spontaneous drainage

The use of moist heat, which can be applied through a towel moistened with hot water, can accelerate the spontaneous drainage process.

Don’t squeeze!

It is important not to squeeze the boil, as this can make the infection worse.


In cases of recurrent boils (furunculosis), medical treatment with antibiotics is necessary.

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