Hand-foot-mouth virus is a warning for care during the cold

Now, with the arrival of autumn and the temperatures dropping, we tend to stay in more closed environments, which facilitates the transmission of viruses.

A virus, from the same family as herpes and chickenpox, is manifesting itself mainly among children. In Salvador alone, by the beginning of April, about 50 children were diagnosed.

The ‘hand-foot-mouth’ virus has this name because it causes reddish spots and blisters on these parts of the body.

First manifesting with high fever and canker sores around the mouth, after 1 week the condition triggers pain (of throat, for example). Then the red spots and spots begin to appear around the mouth, on the hands and feet.

In some cases, there may be vomiting, nausea and loss of appetite.

These skin manifestations are very itchy. But when scratching the skin, there is a risk of opening wounds or raising blisters that can become infected.

Therefore, it is important to take the child to a pediatrician who can prescribe medication to fight the virus in addition to prescribing healing ointments. Virosis remains in the body for about 10 days.

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Intensified care

This syndrome can be prevented by avoiding contact with the virus. As virosis manifests itself in children, some attitudes must come from parents and guardians, such as cleaning toys and clothes.

You can also talk to the child about the need to wash your hands frequently and the importance of not sharing food and personal objects (pacifiers, cloths and bottles).

It is worth remembering that up to the age of 5 or in cases of people with compromised immune systems, there are greater risks of infection.

Some doctors argue that hand-foot-mouth is a typical childhood illness. Even so, the virus can be passed on to people of all age groups through speech, urine, feces and saliva.

This virus does not guarantee immunity, that is, the child can catch it several times.

Even if the hand-foot-mouth is not so dangerous, it is important to treat the wounds so that they do not become infected. Paying attention to symptoms and taking the child to the doctor are recommended attitudes to avoid this and other diseases. Stay alert to parents and guardians.