Understand how asthma and obesity can be connected

Diseases asthma and obesity have had a significant increase worldwide in recent decades, and so attract the attention of agencies and health authorities who warn about the care to prevent them.

Despite being different from each other, the two diseases are serious and can be related in our body.

For example, about 40% of people diagnosed with asthma have obesity , and based on that, scientists have gone on to understand how one disease contributes to the other.

According to new research presented at the annual meeting of the Society of Endocrinology in New Orleans, United States, this link between the two diseases has to do with the presence of a hormone called aP2, or simply P2.

This hormone is released by the adipose tissue of the obese and is fundamental in the development of asthma in the patient. The researchers also said the discovery could contribute to future treatment options for the diseases.

In addition, patients suffering from both diseases find it more difficult to respond to conventional treatments, since they have limitations when it comes to the doctor to prescribe the drugs.


Hormone (P2) found in both diseases

This hormone was already observed by researchers in a patient with obesity and was related to the appearance of other diseases also caused by excess weight, such as diabetes and heart disease.

This is because P2 plays an important role in the body’s inflammatory responses and, consequently, contributes to these chronic diseases mentioned above.

Based on this, the scientists decided to see both sides of the story and sought to understand the relationship of the hormone with both diseases, see below.

Hormone and asthma

According to the study, through measurements in the pulmonary fluid and also in the blood of patients with and without asthma, the scientists found that P2 was about 25.4% higher in patients affected by the disease (asthma).

In addition, they were also overweight and had greater chances of obesity, compared to participants without asthma.

Hormone and obesity

The researchers also checked the levels of the hormone (P2) in patients with obesity, with healthy weight, and without asthma.

From the results, it was possible to see that the P2 of obese patients is 23% higher than other people, whose condition was healthy.

They found that P2 levels were 25.4% higher in the blood of people who were affected by asthma and met the criteria for obesity or being overweight compared to people without asthma.


This means that both diseases have the same prominent hormone, and that this hormone can also be considered a risk factor for obese people to develop asthma.

In addition, the discovery contributes to giving rise to a possible new treatment, with the potential to prevent the action of this hormone, preventing the patient from having asthma and possible chronic complications.

People with obesity have high levels of fat, causing the body to suffer from constant inflammatory processes and facilitate or favor the occurrence of crises or the development of asthma.