Furuncle complications: how does the infection evolve?

As long as the patient does not burst or puncture the boil, it should be healed naturally, without the need for specific treatment. It is important to avoid contact with pus and, if there is contact, you should wash your hands immediately to prevent further infection.

After the boil opens naturally, it heals on its own and can leave a dark mark on the spot, but it will not cause any more problems. The patient can expect complete recovery from the condition.

In general, the furuncle only causes complications if the patient tries to squeeze it, as bursting or puncturing the furuncle can spread the bacteria, causing it to penetrate deeper and enter the bloodstream. This is a problem as it can reach bones and vital organs like the heart. This can lead to sepsis , which is an  extremely dangerous generalized infection condition .

When the boil is close to the ears or in the region between the mouth and the nose, called the “dangerous zone”, it is important to go to the doctor for prevention, since in these regions veins pass that can take the bacteria to the brain if it enters the blood flow due to the pressure of the squeeze.

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