Homemade treatment to accelerate the healing of the boil

The healing of the boil can be accelerated and it is possible to reduce the chances of it spreading through the body and to others with some home treatments. Remembering that not all of these treatments are scientifically proven and they are not a substitute for a visit to the doctor.


Antiseptic soap

The use of antiseptic soap can prevent the infection from spreading, in addition to speeding up the treatment of the boil. It is important to wash your hands and the affected area thoroughly.

Warm compresses

Warm, moist compresses help to increase circulation in the region, which helps in the healing process and fights infection. Dry the area well after applying the compress, as moisture, if ignored, can contribute to the multiplication of bacteria.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is considered a powerful antibacterial that can be applied directly to the boil, preferably diluted. There is no scientific evidence for this remedy.

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