Eating fruits and grains matters more than reducing fast foods

Amid the hustle and bustle of everyday life, most people end up not giving so much importance to healthy eating.

Therefore, they are looking for faster and more practical options when it comes to eating, for example, fast foods.

The problem with this type of meal, and other industrialized ones, is that they have large amounts of fat and sugars and are not very nutritious.

And due to the lack of necessary nutrients in these foods, the proper functioning of the body can be compromised, resulting in greater chances of developing diseases, such as diabetes , hypertension and obesity .

Based on this, new research published in the scientific journal The Lancet revealed that, for every 5 deaths, 1 is linked to poor diet , and in many places, these data are greater than the causes of death from smoking or high blood pressure .

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Reinforcing the salad is better than reducing the industrialized ones

According to the researchers, in the last year of the study (2017) alone, there were about 11 million deaths related to a poor diet.

Among that number, more than half of the deaths were linked to diets with a high amount of sodium, low content of whole grains and fruits.

However, the problem is not only reducing the consumption of these unhealthy foods, but adding fruits, vegetables, fibers, milk, nuts and grains , which have more nutrients , to the diet .

While much is said about the impact that eating fast food often has on health, little attention is paid to the lack of healthy foods.

That is, it is not enough to avoid villains, it is necessary to invest in reducing sodium and increasing grains, vegetables, seeds and legumes.

The way you eat is essential to prevent heart and weight related diseases, so it is extremely important to include in your diet foods that were mentioned in the news as healthy, for example, more fruits, fibers and grains.