Sugary drinks increase the risk of death in women

Research has revealed that the consumption of sugary drinks (soft drinks, energy drinks and juices) can lead to an increased risk of premature death.

Premature death would most likely be due to heart problems (31%) or, less likely, to cancer (18%) – especially those in the colon of the uterus and breast.

Exaggerated consumption can be even more damaging to the female audience, say the researchers.

In the study, women who consumed sugary drinks more than twice a day had a 63% increase in the risk of premature death. In men, that number dropped to 29%.

The figures were obtained in comparison with men and women who consumed such drinks less than once a month.

In all, 37,716 men and 80,647 women were analyzed. The female survey started in 1976 and the male survey in 1986.

The research was done in the United States by the Nurses’ Health Study and published in the journal Circulation .

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Why avoid sugary drinks?

According to data from the National Health Survey of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (PNS / IBGE), 23% of Brazilians consume soda regularly.

Sugary drinks should be avoided as, in addition to facilitating premature death, they can bring other health risks:

  • Weight gain : the amount of sugar present in these drinks contributes to weight gain, in addition to causing diseases such as diabetes;
  • Damage to the heart : with a high consumption of blood sugar, the person may have an increase in cholesterol and triglycerides, causing heart disease;
  • It harms teeth : as some drinks contain a lot of sugar, they can damage tooth enamel and cause tooth decay.

Sugary drinks are harmful to health and should be consumed with caution and low frequency.

When we feel thirsty, we can choose to drink water, unsweetened teas and natural juices.