Powdered collagen: see the benefits, how to take it and if it works

Collagen is a protein produced by the body. Its function is to keep the cells together and thus contribute to the mobility, resistance and flexibility of the tissues.

From the age of 30, the natural production of this substance starts to be reduced by about 1% per year.

After the age of 50, production declines even more. That is, the older the person, the less collagen it produces.

When this happens, food planning is essential, in addition, supplementation of this protein may be necessary.

In addition to age, factors such as regular physical exercise, use of tobacco or frequent exposure to the sun are habits that also decrease the natural production of this protein.


Does collagen powder work?

It depends. Collagen absorption is directly linked to some lifestyle factors (such as diet, tobacco use and quality of sleep).

In addition, the use will depend on the need of the organism. That is, if the food is supplying the ideal amount, ingesting more collagen will not bring benefits.

Although it can be found and purchased without a prescription, it is recommended that the powdered collagen is prescribed by a nutritionist who can advise on the correct amount and form of consumption.

In this case, food is still essential for the body to be able to absorb supplementation.

For this, choose foods that contain vitamins A, B and C or stimulate collagen production and absorption.

Seeds (flaxseed), chestnuts, oats, fish, garlic, citrus fruits (orange, pineapple, grape ) and green leaves (lettuce, arugula) are examples of components that can help.

When the person is relaxed, the body tends to better absorb the collagen particles.

Thus, the quality and quantity of hours dedicated to sleep are also important to extract all the benefits of this substance.

When does collagen powder not work?

If your natural collagen production is sufficient to maintain the body’s functions, then collagen supplementation will have no effect.

Even so, it is important to maintain a diet rich in fruits and vegetables to prevent collagen production from being affected in the future.

What are the benefits of powdered collagen?

Powdered collagen has the same benefits as collagen in capsules, as long as there is a need for its use. In addition to beauty, this substance also contributes to health. It acts in the organism in the part of support and maintenance of the tissues and cells of the body.

Among the main benefits are:

  • Produces keratin (which strengthens nails and hair);
  • Ensures skin elasticity;
  • Strengthens bones;
  • Reduces hair loss;
  • Makes nails stronger;
  • Improves skin support;
  • Prevents osteoporosis;
  • Assists in the healing of wounds and injuries;
  • Favors the reduction of scars;
  • Helps form lean mass;
  • Protects tendons and joints;
  • Leaves skin brighter;
  • Decreases wrinkles and expression lines.

What is the best time to take powdered collagen?

First, the most important thing is to consume collagen daily, avoiding interrupting the use.

This protein can be taken at any time, giving preference to the morning (during breakfast) or at night (after dinner).   

It is recommended that collagen is not consumed with heavy meals (such as lunch, which may have a higher caloric intake).

This is because the collagen particles tend to compete with the other molecules present in the most caloric foods (pasta and red meat).

The amount of times that protein should be consumed per day varies according to some factors such as age and tobacco use.

In order to know exactly and clarify other doubts about collagen intake, it is advisable to visit a nutritionist doctor.

How to measure 10g of collagen powder?

The recommendation of many doctors is to consume 10g of collagen every day, without interruption, to benefit from the properties of this substance. When the collagen is presented in powder, this quantity can be measured with the help of a spoon (of soup) that contains approximately 10g.

If the protein is presented in capsules, the number that must be ingested will vary according to each manufacturer.

For example, if the capsule contains 2g of collagen, it may be necessary to ingest 5 capsules throughout the day, or according to specialized guidance.

The powdered version can be easily consumed mixed with water, juices, yogurts and vitamins or placed over food (fruits, soups, salads and breads).

The protein can also be presented in sachets as is the case with Motilex , Colflex and Tenflax Plus .

It is worth remembering that this information can be changed according to the laboratory that produced the supplement. Therefore, it is important to read the product label before consuming it.

Powdered collagen has many benefits for the health and beauty of the body. This substance should preferably be indicated by a medical or nutrition professional.

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