What you need to know to eat well

Consume healthy food and exercise, this is one of the best known tips for those who want to be in good health. However, many doubts still surround this subject and deserve attention.

What makes a healthy diet?

The composition of the menu is essential, as well as the quantities. The meal will be much more beneficial to health if adequate portions of fats, proteins , carbohydrates and other nutrients are consumed .

What foods help your metabolism work faster?

In addition to providing energy to the body, food also has the power to improve many functions of the body. Green tea, ginger , fish, spinach and kale are some of the foods that can help speed up metabolism and, consequently, reduce body weight.

What not to eat to control cholesterol?

Some foods can be extremely harmful to people with high cholesterol levels. Fried foods, sausages (bologna, ham and salami), yellow cheeses and fatty meats should be avoided as much as possible.

Can carbohydrates be eliminated from the diet?

Food should not be restrictive. No nutrients can be cut from the menu, as the body depends on all of them to function properly. Not to mention that a high protein diet can cause kidney overload.

In order to consume carbohydrate without harming your health, it is important not to overdo it. Excess is the main factor causing the negative effects of this nutrient on the body.

Raw or cooked: what is the best way to consume vegetables?

Eating this type of raw food is still the best option, because with cooking many nutrients from vegetables are lost, however it is important that this habit is not necessarily excluded from the routine.

Reusing cooking water can be a good way to prevent nutrient loss. It can even be used in the preparation of other foods, such as rice.