Can pregnant woman eat sushi? See which fish to avoid

During pregnancy, some doubts haunt many pregnant women: what can and can not eat during this phase? Does any food harm the baby?

Sushi is one of those foods that cause concerns in pregnant women.

First of all, let’s answer the question.

In general, yes, pregnant women can eat sushi as long as the fish has been frozen before preparing the dish.

Remembering that all pregnancies are different and, therefore, what is recommended for one mother may not be ideal for another.

In case of doubt, it is advisable that the pregnant woman talk to the obstetrician to find out what foods are allowed.


What types of fish can pregnant women eat?

Certain fish such as sharks, sharks and swordfish should be avoided, as they may contain toxins (such as mercury) that can be harmful.

Some fish (tuna, salmon and marlin , for example) should be eaten in moderation. This is because they have a lot of vitamin A, which if consumed in excess can cause malformations in the baby.

If there are no medical recommendations, the other types of fish are safe and can bring benefits (such as providing protein ) for mom and baby.

How many months can the pregnant woman eat sushi?

The pregnant woman can consume sushi (and other oriental delicacies) in all months of pregnancy.

However, consumption should be moderate and not so often.

In addition to the restrictions stated above, other precautions also need to be taken:

  • Know the origin of the fish;
  • Carry out the preparation after defrosting the meat;
  • Caring for hygiene;
  • If you are going to eat in restaurants, look for the health surveillance certificate;

Raw fish can be prepared with strong foods like wasabi, garlic and ginger . These ingredients help to neutralize the action of bacteria and viruses.

It is worth mentioning that other raw foods (such as meats) or that have not been properly cleaned (vegetables and fruits) can also contain harmful bacteria for the baby’s development.

What can’t you eat during pregnancy?

In general, foods such as raw meats, non-pasteurized milk derivatives, kids, cinnamon, alcoholic or caffeinated beverages should be avoided by pregnant women. They can cause damage or compromise the pregnancy.

Learn a little more about why to avoid each of these items:

Raw Meats

Poorly prepared foods can contain bacteria that have not been properly eliminated. Therefore, raw or undercooked meats are not recommended during pregnancy.

The only exception to this rule are fish, as they contain less bacteria when compared to beef, pork or chickens.

Unpasteurized milk and derivatives

Unpasteurized milk, that is, coming directly from the farm without going through the industry, may contain some bacteria causing intestinal breakdowns.

Derivatives of this milk should also be avoided for the same reason.

It is worth remembering that other cheeses and yogurts that are produced based on fungi are also not recommended during pregnancy.


These parts are rich in vitamin A, which when ingested in excess can prevent the baby from forming and developing properly.


Cinnamon contains toxins that cause the blood vessels in the uterus to dilate. This can cause contractions causing bleeding and even miscarriages.

In addition to it, other spices can also harm pregnancy. Among them are: boldo, mint and hibiscus .

Alcoholic beverages

Alcohol consumption during pregnancy can result in fetal alcohol syndrome which can cause miscarriage, premature birth or physical and mental complications for the baby.


Caffeine can act on the baby’s nervous system and increase mom’s heart rate.

When consumed in excess, it increases the chances of miscarriage (if the baby is forming) or premature birth (if the baby is already developed).

In addition to coffee, soft drinks, some types of tea (mate or black) and chocolates also contain caffeine and therefore should be consumed sparingly during pregnancy.

Sushi, if properly prepared, can have health benefits for mom and baby. The Healthy Minute brings other information about care during pregnancy . Check out our posts !!!