Dry hair: see products and tips to care at home

Nobody likes to have a dry hair, as this takes the vitality of the strands and leaves them with an ugly appearance and even with an unpleasant texture. In addition, normally dry hair is not healthy, which can lead to other problems.

As, for example: the breaking of the wires, the formation of split ends or the occurrence of frizz .

With that in mind, we have separated some important information about what a hair in this condition needs and tips for maintaining this care at home. Check it out and learn more:


What does dry hair need?

Dry hair needs, mainly, nutrition . This step is made from the use of specialized masks for this need or oils suitable for moisturizing – which consists of applying the oil to dry hair (before washing).

The purpose of nutrition is, as the name suggests, to return nutrients to the hair. This is done by replacing lipids (making up the protective layer of the fiber produced by the scalp) and lubricating the hair fibers in order to maintain hydration, shine and softness.

Thus, the hydrolipidic layer is responsible for the good appearance of the hair and for protecting it from damage, favoring the retention of essential nutrients for hair health.

To identify if your hair is in these conditions and to make sure that dryness is the problem, just pay attention to the characteristics that it presents. If it is opaque, rough, dull and with a lot of frizz , it is dry.

What can happen as a result of mechanical damages (habits like combing the hair in the wrong way, washing too much, holding wet wires, etc.) and chemicals (dyeing, discoloration, progressive, etc.). These cause problems to the hair fibers, leaving the cuticles more open and causing the loss of water and nutrients.

How to moisturize dry hair?

In addition to nutrition, moisturizing dry hair (just like any other) is also important, as this step also replenishes water and capillary nutrients – albeit in a more “superficial” way than nutrition, which penetrates down to the deep layers the wire.

Therefore, hydration is ideal to compensate for the damage suffered daily by the hair, such as exposure to sunlight, pollution, use of a hairdryer / flat iron etc.

It is, therefore, a more routine care that can be done on any hair.

What changes is the frequency with which this step will be done. For example, oily hair needs less hydration than drier hair (but no abandoning care!).

In addition, curly and curly hair need this step more than straight hair, due to the structure of the strands.

Thus, in the case of dry hair, you can bet on hydration more often, since they have low levels of water and nutrients.

To decide this frequency, it is ideal to talk to a dermatologist or your trusted hairdresser. But, in general, it is recommended to use the mask or ampoule of hydration at least once a week – being able to intercalate with other treatments.

What products to use to moisturize and nourish dry hair at home?

The two main forms of care for dry hair are hydration and nutrition of the strands. There are two treatments that can be done at home, provided that the products are suitable for these purposes.

In general, it is customary to include hydration in 1 wash of the week and nutrition every 15 days, which can be done once a week in the case of more damaged hair (either by chemical or mechanical damage).

In the sequence, we separated some products indicated to moisturize and nourish the locks in different circumstances: dry ends, male hair and brittle strands. Check and see which ones to use in your home care routine:

The edges

It is quite common to feel the dryness of the wires at the length and ends rather than at the root. Therefore, care for hair with this characteristic usually includes the use of masks and ampoules (which are not applied to the scalp).

Some options that can be used at home to treat hair are as follows:

  • Nutrition Mask Amend Nourishing Mask ;
  • Nutrition Mask Lola Cosmetics Be (m) said Ghee ;
  • Wella Oil Reflections Treatment Mask;
  • Pantene Nutre Shot Ampoule Potentiator ;
  • Treatment Ampoule Elseve Extraordinary Oil Instant Nutrition .

In addition, a good option is also to do the nutrition through the technique of wetting, which consists of applying an oil to dry hair (before washing) and let it act for a few hours, in order to provide the replacement of nutrients.

For this, two options are Elseve Extraordinary Oil and Wella Oil Reflections Hair Oil .


There is no difference in care for dry male or female hair, as this aspect will only appear in slightly longer strands. That is, it will not affect anyone who uses a very short cut or even scraped.

However, some men may prefer more practical care and / or that do not have a very strong perfume . In this sense, some options may be the following:

  • Pantene Pro-V Restoration Treatment Ampoule ;
  • Boom Nutre Silk Treatment Mask ;
  • Treatment Ampoule Elseve Extraordinary Oil Instant Nutrition ;
  • Skafe Nutrition Infusion Treatment Ampoule ;
  • Dermabel Coconut Oil Ampoule .

As you can see, an excellent alternative is to use ampoules. This is because its action is usually quick (1 to 3 minutes) and some can even be mixed with the conditioner – which facilitates washing and makes the use very practical.


A brittle hair can be a consequence of dryness, since the strands become weak due to the lack of nutrients and dehydration. Therefore, it is possible to bet on products that promote the restoration of health and hair strength, such as:

  • Forcefiber Mask Ultra Strengthening Anti-break Matrix Treatment;
  • Máscara Capilar Sebastian Professional Twisted Elastic Treatment;
  • Capillary Mask Triskle Porcelain Coconut Oil ;
  • Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Fiber Force Hair Mask ;
  • Wella Nutri-Enrich Warming Express Heating Mask .

In addition, especially in the case of brittle wires , products that are suitable for reconstruction can be used . This step consists of replacing the capillary proteins , being ideal for those with split ends, hair without elasticity and very weak.

In this case, in general, the step is done every 15 days (or up to 1 time per month). And it is worth remembering that not all hair needs reconstruction , only those with protein deficiency.

Therefore, some masks that can be recommended are the following:

  • EuMe Reconstruction Capillary Mask ;
  • L’Oréal Expert Series Absolut Repair Gold Quinoa + Protein Hair Mask ;
  • Reconstruction Mask Amend Reconstructive Mask ;
  • Reconstruction Mask Lola Cosmetics Be (m) called Ghee Papaya and Vegetable Keratin .

Nobody likes to have dry and / or lifeless hair, to avoid this problem you need to take care of the wires daily. To see more tips and content on this subject, you can access here from Minute Healthy.

Keep following us and, if you have any questions or suggestions, leave them in the comments!