Laser Mole Removal Cost Procedure & Aftercare

Healthy glowing skin is much coveted by both women and men. Yes, even men want their skin to be flawless! However, oftentimes the beauty of the skin gets marred by moles. Also known as skin tags, moles are basically lesions and pigmented cells that are usually benign, and brown or black in color. These annoying skin growths can occur anywhere in the body. You may spot a single mole or multiple of them in a region.

In most cases, these moles don’t cause any physical problems and don’t hurt. But they are a nuisance to look at, especially if they find a spot on your face! If you long to see your face mole-free, you can try the revolutionary laser mole removal procedure. Later we will discuss about laser mole removal cost, procedure and aftercare.


Why should you get your mole removed?

Why should you get your mole removed on face and how much it costAs mentioned before, moles are usually harmless and don’t hurt. But on rare occasions, they can be signs of melanoma, a type of skin cancer. That is why you must always consult with your doctor if you spot an unusual mole on face or anywhere on your body. A cancerous mole must be removed immediately. But even if the mole is benign, some consider it good sense to remove it as a precaution. In cases where the mole isn’t any danger to the body but is simply an eyesore, it can be removed using laser removal techniques. It is the same procedure that is used for removing warts and papilloma. If you are thinking of getting it removed simply for cosmetic reasons, there’s no shame in that! Even famous Hollywood celebrities such as Madonna, Enrique Iglesias, and Sarah Jessica Parker have undergone mole removal treatments.

How do you know laser removal is the right approach?

Various cosmetic procedures are used for the removal of moles. However, the laser treatment has proven to be the quickest and painless method that has a short recovery time and 100% success rate. Before you set your mind on laser mole removal, you need to know that no two moles are the same. Factors such as type, size, and place of the growth play important roles when it comes to deciding which laser removal technique will be used for the best results. Different cases require different approaches. That is why you need to get it done by a well-known specialist. Sometimes doctors suggest combining the laser treatment with antiviral remedies and drugs, which increases your body’s immunity, and also prevents re-occurrence of these undesirable growths.

How does the laser removal treatment work?

The laser mole removal procedure involves different stages.

Firstly, the area of the mole is numbed using local anesthesia. After that, a CO2 laser is used for excising the pigmentation of the mole. The pigment will then be cleared away by your body’s natural healing mechanism.

When the area heals, a scab will form where the mole used to be. This scab will fall away on its own after a while. Right after the procedure, the area will take a darker tone. It will remain this way for a few days. You can easily mask this discoloration using makeup if that was on the face. After the laser mole removal procedure, you must protect that area of the skin from sunlight at least for a few weeks. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen when you go out!

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Laser mole procedure and how safe it is?

When performed by an expert, the laser removal procedure is deemed as safe. The risk of scarring is also minimal. There’s only about 1% of scarring that patients face post-surgery. Check below video of Dr. Andrew Smith Explaining Laser Mole Removal Procedure.
A lot of patients worry that the procedure must be really painful. In reality, laser removal is one of the least painful mole removal procedures available. If you have a higher threshold for pain, you would have no troubles at all. Also, you won’t feel any pain during the procedure as the affected area will be numb. Under the effects of anesthesia, the procedure may feel like a slight tingling.

Why should you choose laser removal over the other procedures?

It is valid for you to wonder why you should go for laser removal instead of any other procedure. The truth is, natural mole removal hardly ever offers desirable results. Aside from being time-consuming, this procedure also fails to provide 100% guaranteed results.

The other popular option you have is cosmetic surgery. If you are scared of going under the knife, this idea would scare you off. Even if it doesn’t, the cost of the procedure surely will! Considering everything, laser mole removal seems to be the ideal option for those who cannot afford the high cost and do not want to undergo a complex procedure of cosmetic surgery.
There are several other benefits of laser mole removal. Some of them include

  • Automatic sterilization of the area by the laser
  • Pain-free and bloodless procedure
  • Minimum injury to surrounding healthy tissues
  • Rapid rehabilitation
  • Lower chances of scarring
  • High aesthetic appeal

Before and After: Neck, Face Eyebrow

Here are few Images showing Before and After Laser Mole Remove treatment. Creadit: Skin Surgery Clinic

laser mole removal treatment healing time

mole removal before and after on face

Laser Mole Removal treatment before and after

Credit to SkinSurgeryClinic

How much does laser mole removal cost?

However, in an urban setting, a high profile clinic will charge anywhere from $200 to $600 for a laser mole removal.

The cost of laser mole removal may depend on various factors such as the type and size of the mole, the reputation of the specialist, and your geographic location. Prior to the procedure, the doctor will need to conduct some tests to get a thorough analysis of your condition. Histological examination and tests such as dermoscopy will come with an additional cost. You will only get to know the exact cost of the procedure from the clinic where you will get it done.

How do you find the right clinic?

The success of the procedure depends on the excellence of the specialist. Starting from diagnosing your condition and sketching up a treatment plan to actually performing the procedure, everything will be the physician’s responsibility. So you better choose someone you can trust. The best way to find someone trustworthy is through referrals and recommendations. Talk to people who have undergone the same procedure, and find out who is the best in your area. You may even ask your dermatologist about a laser mole removal expert.

So, now that are equipped with the basic knowledge about laser mole removal cost, decision making will become much easier. So, get ready to bid adieu to your mole!