Pimples After Shaving: How to avoid and eliminate Shaving pimples

Who doesn’t want to look good and clean? We all want to look good and we all do so many things to increase the appeal of our look. However one of the most preferred options, mostly for the men is shaving. A clean-shaven look is always appealing to anybody. The primary shaving area in the male body is face and this can be different in women body. However, one of the basic issues experienced with shaving is acne/pimples after shaving and irritation.

Shaving is the cheapest way to remove unwanted hair from the face to other auxiliary and private parts of the body. A downside of shaving is shaving pimples. These acne are irritatingly itchy, can swell up and cause further skin infection.


Does shaving cause acne? (And why)

why do i get pimple after shaving

Nobody will argue the sensitive nature of the bikini region. Taking care of the bikini area means paying special mind and attention to it. Women often shave this area to lessen the chances of pain that comes from other methods.  Still, there are side effects to the shaving method like tiny acne and irritation. This is especially true of women who have sensitive skin.

Why do these little red pimples show up in the intimate areas? Well, the answer is rather simple actually. When we shave, it’s not just the hair that is shaven but also the outer thin layer of the skin and this cause the irritation as well as ingrown hair or abnormal growth of hair follicles.

The skin is damaged by the shaving off of the skin’s uppermost protective layer, leaving it unprotected and vulnerable to outside stimuli. This can lead to cuts, sores and infections. When this happens, pimples will appear and cause a significant amount of pain and discomfort.

Reasons for Pimple after Shaving (And Solutions)

There are many men and women who suffer from this pimple problem. There is no particular reason behind this problem. A person can face it for a particular reason or for more than a number of reasons. No matter what the reason is, the problem is really irritating and often lead people to not shave frequently. Here in this passage we will be discussing the reasons and process of how to not get pimples after shaving.

Sanitary Cleanliness

pimples after shaving

  • First thing first, Before you start to shave, consider washing your hands and add moisturizer to your skin such as a special cream or tonic.
  • Before shaving, wash face with soap and water for sensitive skin for a few minutes.

Shaving cream or foam

The key reason behind red pimples after shaving may be the use of improper shaving cream or shaving foam. Using a shaving cream or lotion is a must and users should always go with the fresh and reputable creams. Choose your shaving cream carefully. You need to understand that every shaving cream may not be suitable for everyone.

  • Dry shaving is not a great idea.
  • Shaving with cold water can lead to a significant irritation and pimple after shaving on your skin. Whenever possible it is important to use warm water while shaving as this opens the pores of the skin.

Shaving tools

The next reason may be the use of wrong shaving tools. No matter whether you use razor or electric shaver, you should always verify whether that is suitable for your skin or not. Every consumable item has a self-life. If the self-lives of your shaving tool is already gone which means if the razor has gone very old, it’s time to take a new one. An old razor is even harmful for your skin as well. It may lead to other diseases as well.

Yes, I recommend investing in your face. Do not buy cheap razor blades, or use them when they are already out of order for not buying new ones. It is true that razor blades now cost a lot but you can not expect the same results using cheap or no razor blades. If you want to have a face with fewer outbreaks of acne then you have to take care of it more than necessary. So, choose your razor or electric shaver carefully and don’t use extremely old razors.

Shaving Mistakes

After searching a lot, I found a Video from Acne.Org containing many tips to avoid acne after shaving. Must check it below.

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  • Shaving by Applying too much Pressure: Applying too much pressure causes our skin to become irritated and may cause pimple after shaving. It may be either we don’t know how to shave or blade is too worn and does not cut and therefore it is necessary to put more pressure so that blade moves through our skin with ease. Shaving dry may also be a reason.If you notice that you shave applying too much pressure, pause for a second to think the reasons why this can happen and do not expect to have your face red as a tomato to make decisions and measures.
  • Shaving Direction: Shaving against the grain is something that many men and women do for different reasons, such as comfort, avoiding the beard to come out so fast. However shaving in this way can cause skin irritations.
    Another very important point is to shave in the direction of the hair. It is often seen that shaving in the opposite direction causes skin problems.If this is your case, try to shave in the direction of the hairs of your beard and do not innovate by doing it against the grain if you do not want to have pimple and even some pain for a few minutes and even hours.
  • Don’t rush: Shaving too fast is not good and we can end up with a wound on our face, but also with a major irritation and pimple that we regret just finishing shaving. Enjoy the shave and spend 10 to 20 minutes to make the experience as pleasant as possible.
  • Shave off too many passes in the same area: Well, it is important to pass blade several times in the same area for a perfect shave, but at the same time it can cause a significant irritation. One or two pass are perfect for most the areas. Otherwise if you go too many times in the same area, this can easily irritate and can cause pimple.
  • The right shaving pose is also important. In fact it has been experienced that stretching the skin while shaving helps to avoid problems.


Using the right after shave is also very important. Since this is a matter of the skin, choosing the right product that suits your skin tone is important. Aftershave may cause skin allergy at times. A wide range of aftershaves are available in different forms. Select the one that your skin can tolerate.

Use the best aftershave that is already tested on your skin. It is always better to have the recommendation of doctors before choosing your shaving cream and aftershave.

  • One of the most common mistakes after shaving is to apply an aftershave with alcohol , which does nothing more than irritate our skin on the face. Just after finishing shaving it is good idea to use a lotion or a balm that does not carry alcohol.
  • Don’t use warm water or any random scrubs to sooth your face after shaving this may cause serious issue and acne ater shaving.

While it’s common to get pimples after shaving, it doesn’t mean you have to just “live with it”. With a little moisturizer before and after the shaving process, you can stop the suffering.

Eliminate Pimples After Shaving: How to Soothe Your Skin after shave

how to avoid shaving pimples and acne

With shaving comes those nasty looking shaving pimples. And, while they may seem like a trivial thing, they can actually make a person feel self-conscious about how they look.  There is hope though! If you shave, and who really doesn’t, there are things you can do to eliminate those pesky pimples quickly and efficiently.

After pimples appear, use a special ointment that you can buy at any pharmacy. Aside from over the counter ointments to relieve itchiness and prevent swelling, there are natural remedies that will provide the same relief and curtail swelling of shaving pimples.

  1. Apple cider vinegar is a natural antiseptic solution that prevents infection. It is also anti-inflammatory and relieves itchiness. Dab with cotton soaked with the vinegar the inflamed area, let dry for a few minutes then wash with water. Apply at least two to three times a day.
  2. Aloe Vera is a wonder plant that sooths burn and its nutrient dense gel from the leaves immediately heals any cuts, burns and irritations such as shaving pimples. Just apply the raw gel from the leaves on the affected area and let stay as long as you can. This gives instant relief from the burning sensation or itchiness of the shaving pimples and reduce the swelling. Apply once or twice and see the big difference.
  3. For very sensitive skin, cold compress or application of ice on affected area can provide instant relief from the itchiness and burning sensation. The cold compress also reduces the swelling as skin cells contract with the cold application.

Try above natural remedies to get rid of shaving pimples.

Final Thoughts

Since shaving is one of the most common ways to remove unwanted hair, use the tips above to help you combat their appearance and potentially avoid pimples after shaving altogether.

Now, in order to overcome these after shaving pimple, the person (male and female both) needs to look at above issues first. It may seem silly but it’s the little things that you can do that make the biggest difference in how quickly you eliminate your shaving pimples.

Have you get the answer of the question “does shaving cause acne?” Are you ready to shave without disturbing irritations on your skin? Let us know your experience with pimples after shaving in the comments below.