Pimple Inside Nose

A pimple can appear inside your nose because of the inflammatory process in soft tissues of face. There will be dangerous consequences if they appear frequently. People squeeze acnes which can cause infection, and when this infection reaches your blood, it can be lethal. You should consult a doctor if pimples pop-up inside your nose. The infection caused by pimples can get into venous bed and cause inflammation in venous tissues. But what is the cause of pimples in the nose? There are many causes, some of them are as under:

  • Touching your face with dirty hands
  • washing your face with contaminated water
  • Use of old hygiene that’s full of bacteria

If you have adenoids or chronic sinusitis, pimples may appear in your nose. The mucus that is released due to chronic diseases causes infection in the hair follicle of vestibule of our nose, which leads to pimples. Another cause of pimple inside nose is immunity disease.If blisters appear inside the nose of a child, then it may be linked to worms inside child’s body.


How to recognize Pimples in your nose?

pimples in nose

They appear at wing, tip of the nose, nasal septum, vestibule of nasal passages, and nasal floor. There will be redness on the skin and be touching it will hurt. Necrotic tissues will surround the inflammation. You may experience fever, headache, or other symptoms because of intoxication. Your blood test can reveal inflammation changes, and on fifth-day abscess may appear. The pointing process accompanied by pressure of nose tissues can lead to severe pain. When pimple starts opening, body temperature returns to normal. Here are some phases of this disease that you should keep in consideration:

  • Appearance, swelling and infiltration
  • Pain
  • Fever
  • Nasal breathing disorder
  • Weakness of body

How to get rid of Acne in your nose?

Make sure to consult a doctor to know how you can get rid of nose pimples. There are various methods that can help you, but you have to take inflammatory process in consideration first. Initially, patients can wipe the skin near inflammatory focus with the help of 2% salicylic alcohol solution. 5% iodine tincture solution can be used after 5 hours of treatment with alcohol or ethanol solution. Antibiotic therapy is also one of the methods that you can utilize; it include mupirocin ointment and fusidic acid. Here are some antibiotic drugs that your doctor may prescribe you to get rid of pimples.

  • Vancomycin
  • Cefazolin
  • Linezolid
  • Enzyme inhibitor and Amoxicillin

When you need surgery?

When pimples in your nose swell, surgery may be required. An experienced surgeon knows when you need surgery. Procedures relating purulent boil are done under general anesthesia. The Surgeon may make an incision from the center of inflammatory infiltrate. Edges of the abscess may also be extended using a hemostatic clamp.  A drainage is placed to nasal cavity, and an aseptic bandage is used. Doctor can also use a tampon in vestibule of nose with antiseptic solution. Disablement time may fluctuate from 6 to 11 days, and in worst scenario it can take three weeks.

What should you do if you have pimples in the nose?

If it doesn’t get complicated or your health is in perfect condition, then you can remove them at home. There are many ways to remove them, one of the easier method will be taking antibiotics and vitamins. These two things can help reduce inflammation and pain.

Until there is a significant abscess, you can use antibiotics such as fluoroquinolones, macrolides, and cephalosporins. If there is infiltrate near furuncle then change therapy technique. Physiotherapy isn’t recommended if general condition of patient changes. It can provoke vasodilation, and can lead to clots in cranial vessels. Make sure to keep these important points in consideration so that you know what to do when you have pimples in nose.

If there is infiltration in tissues and it is getting frequent then laser for irradiating blood is reasonable. A specialist may suggest you that purulent necrosis is progressing on high note in tissues. Your doctor may have to clean epithelium particles with boil solution. It is important to establish drainage. If pimple inside nose stays there for long duration then autohemotherapy combined with tradition boil solution can be used.

How to prevent pimples?

If you don’t want pimples to appear inside your nose then here are some measures that can help you stay away from them.

  • You must maintain hygiene and follow its rules
  • Make sure to treat wounds that are on mucous membrane and the skin of your nose
  • Take minerals and vitamins
  • Do exercise and keep your body healthy