Painful Pimple and Acne

Pimples and acne can be an extremely painful problem, and if they’re on the face, people view them as a tragedy. Females can especially feel like their world is ending.  No foundation, cream or ointment can truly hide these little buggers. And, if you suffer from huge, painful acne, your self-esteem can suffer. Acne rashes tend to leave spots and cause the skin to peel excessively.

Painful Pimples and Acne: A Debilitating Skin Condition for Which There Are All Kinds of Available Treatments

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To find a cure for your debilitating issue, you need to learn what causes the painful pimples in the first place.

how to get rid of painful pimples

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Where Does Acne Occur?

The first thing to understand is that acne can show up on any body part. It’s not uncommon for painful acne to appear on the lip, face, neck, scalp, back, chin, head, eyelid and in armpits. A pimple up or on your nose can lead to major suffering. Now, adult acne is usually seen on the scalp.

Back acne can be extremely distressing, both morally and physically even though clothes hide them. Back acne along with leg acne can be mildly discomforting or excruciatingly painful.

Ear pimples are extremely painful, even though they’re not seen as easily on the face. White-headed lip acne could lead to infections or have an adverse reaction to poor-quality cosmetics.

What causes Painful Pimple

Why is it some folks have acne on their cheeks and chin but other folks don’t even notice them? Why are some under the skin pimples painful and why do they become painful?

Now we will discuss and list the most obvious reasons of acne on chin and cheeks and most of the parts of the body. And why many other are barely aware of the problem.

Hormonal Imbalances

In the majority of cases, teenagers have acne problems due to the hormonal imbalances. The fluctuations in hormones boost the androgen amount. And, this causes acne to appear on the face and following parts of the body: cheeks, chin, forehead and temples. Women often see acne right before their periods, and the reason is that there’s a rise of steroid hormones during that time.

Different Diseases, Unhealthy Diet

Various diseases and disorders that cause a weakened immune system or stress as well as an unhealthy diet can cause the appearance of acne.

Allergic Reaction

Sometimes people compromise with the quality of cosmetics because of rates. That Cosmetics and other facial products can cause your skin to become inflamed and red, leading to the appearance of acne.

That is not always true that cheap products are always going to hurt you. Even a well reputed and the costly product can cause sensitive issues because each people is different and every skin reacts in a different manner.

Types of Acne and Pimple

There are mostly two kinds of acne:

  • Inflammatory This type of acne involves red, painful pimples that become itchy and, when touched, result in pain. It’s not uncommon for spots to occur after these type of pimples. Purulent pimples can show up after bacteria have invaded the skin. Red pimples are a reaction to the bacteria.
  • Non-inflammatory This is seen in the form of whitehead and blackhead rashes. Blackheads happen due to the epidermis’ dead cells and sebaceous excretion. Whitehead rashes are due to clogged sebum glands and are similar to inflations with contracted openings.

Now, your doctor will determine what severity level your acne is:

  • Mild case – Minute number of pink spots or blisters on various body parts mostly on cheeks, chin, temples, and forehead.
  • Average severity level – Red pimples with no big nodules case
  • Severe case or high degree severity level – Huge case of itchy, painful acne and boils. That type of acne is often painful and itchy.

How To Get Rid of Painful Pimples

No doubt you don’t want acne sticking around. After all, you may feel ugly, and the itching can cause you significant suffering. Acne can lead deep scars that can be impossible to cure. What kind of remedies can you use to cure acne? Here we are going to list some most effective ways to cure painful acne and pimples.

Visit a Specialist: It’s best to talk to a cosmetician or dermatologist to determine your best course of treatment for your acne problem. If external factors are to blame for your breakout, this person can decide what cure will help fight the rash, taking into consideration your skin type and the pimples peculiarities. Your doctor will give you advise on how best to eliminate the painful pimples right away and how to handle skin scales.

Find out the CAUSES first: An ointment won’t cure your condition if the result of an internal cause. Rather, treatment along with treating the disease causing them is necessary.  Before you buy any acne treatment product, you need to find out what’s the cause of it. Based on what the diagnostic results are, your doctor will give you a treatment that’s best for you.

Treating face acne: Curing a child’s face of acne is a little trickier. Teenagers tend to suffer from acne on their cheeks, chins and temples. The pimples they suffer with are generally from hormonal changes. While hormonal therapy can help, it’s usually dismissed due to the adverse effects it could have. Teenagers concerned about their acne problem need to talk with a trusted, knowledgeable and experienced professional about the best course of treatment for their condition.

Ointments and traditional remedies: Ointments should be applied locally to any issues of concern. The reason? Ointments have drying properties in them, which can lead to skin peeling or irritation.  You could use traditional remedies but don’t use suspicious recipes you come across. While you could eliminate your acne problem, it could also damage your skin.

Warning: Squeezing Your Painful Acne?

should i squeeze painful acne and pimple

Do not ever squeeze your pimples, especially if they’re painful. In fact, doctors will take you not to do this since increases the chance of infections. It’ll also aggravate the condition further. Squeezing painful pimples also lead to scars and spot, which are far harder to get rid of than the original acne problem. And, that’s because there is no effective cure for it.

Squeezing the pimple or acne yourself may lead to severe infections and also, effect your present treatment. Dermatologists and well-trained estheticians can do this because they are the expert in this, and they do this with all precaution like wearing gloves, sterile needle, and use professional instruments. So don’t do this.

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Cautions for Painful Acne: Fight From Inside

If the cause is from an internal source, can be adequately treated and cured, but you must talk to your doctor first. There are three things that you can do:

  • Diet – Many times acne is the result of a digestive system disorder.
  • Drink Water – Consume copious amounts of pure water.
  • Antibiotics – These medicines can clear the body of the acne-causing bacteria, resulting in clearer skin. Do not self-treat; get your doctor to prescribe them.

Important Note Of All: Everybody is different, and because of this, there are not one-size fits all cure!