Natural sleep remedy: 6 home treatment options

The use of medicinal plants for home treatment or disease prevention is increasingly present in the culture of people who seek a healthy life. When it comes to sleeping, the use of some calming plants can also help.

For the benefits it can bring, the use of medicinal plants often ends up being the easiest, natural and first access option for those who are having problems with sleep.

The most suitable natural remedies are the following:



Chamomile is a plant well known for being soothing, and chamomile tea is a drink widely consumed for this purpose or for its pleasant taste.

In addition to being a medicinal plant responsible for interfering with nervous excitement and insomnia , it also provides benefits for the digestive system, helping with food processing and preventing the formation of  gases  in the intestine.

In the case of insomnia, chamomile also works by reducing stress and anxiety , factors that are related to this sleep disorder. It can be taken at any time of the day, being recommended especially around bedtime.


Lavender, also known as true lavender, lavender or English lavender, is a plant with violet flowers well known for its aroma. It presents several health benefits, such as the aid in the treatment of cramps, anuria (decrease or lack of urine production) and  sinusitis , for example.

It can be consumed by infusion (tea) or when present in products in the form of oils and lotions. In the case of patients with insomnia, lavender is best indicated as tea or as an essential oil.

When preferring essential oil, the patient can choose to smell some droplets of lavender near bedtime or make a flavored pillow. To do this, simply place a little lavender in a tissue package and leave it inside the pillowcase.

Passion fruit

Passion fruit has several benefits. It can help to decrease anxiety, nervousness,  high blood pressure  and also problems like irregular sleep. It can be consumed as juice or in the form of tea, made with the leaves of the passion fruit tree.

They are the ones that present the highest concentration of soothing substances. However, despite the benefits, it is necessary to be careful with excessive consumption. They should also only be used when the passion fruit tree is in flower.


In addition to having a sedative and antispasmodic effect, valerian root is an important ingredient to help fight problems such as intestinal parasites, vomiting and gases.

Your tea is considered a home remedy to help ease sleep-related problems as it helps to reduce anxiety.


Tea made with lemon balm leaves has a calming action, is aromatic and contributes to control  fever . It can also be used as an expectorant and to help treat diarrhea. In addition to consumption by infusion, it is also used as an essential oil.

Saint John’s herb

The plant can help those who suffer from problems sleeping, as it has action similar to that of some antidepressant medications. Thus, it helps to alleviate insomnia related to depression .