Thinness and obesity: genetic factors are to blame for this

Everyone has that friend who doesn’t get fat at all, right?

The explanation for these people may have been discovered in the new research published in the scientific journal PLOS Genetics .

The study says that genetics has to do with weight and explains why, even if they eat well, some thin people do not get fat while others suffer to lose weight.

This explanation was only possible through a genetic comparison, carried out by researchers from the British universities of Cambridge and Bristol, of people with a BMI (body mass index) below 18, considered to be thin, with extremely overweight people (BMI over 30) and with the ideal weight (BMI between 19 and 25).

The different lifestyles were taken into account and, from there, they were analyzed and compared to see if they refer to the genetic data.

In overweight people, a greater number of genes linked to obesity were found .

In thin people, in addition to these genes being found in lesser quantities – which was already known – there were also some related to healthy thinness. That is, being thin can have a little help from genetics.

Despite this, one cannot isolate the other factors: behavior, food and lifestyle remain very relevant in body composition.

What affects the balance?

Physical exercise, diet and sleep directly interfere with weight, however, with the research, it was possible to see that this is not the only thing that can affect you, as genetic factors play an important role in the balance.

Thin or obese people have, according to the study, factors that predispose them to be that way. With that, that idea that “just try to lose weight” proves even more wrong and condemns even more the criticism and discrimination of obese patients.

However, the practice of exercise and the inclusion of a diet in your routine remains the healthiest way to live life. In addition to doing good for the body, it is good for the mind.

In the past, overweight people were considered healthy. That has changed, and today obesity is in worrying numbers for the world.

With this, research seeks to help those who want to find healthier ways of living.