Medication Consultation application: see the new features

Saving when buying medicine is easier and more practical with the new application of Consulta Remédios !

With it you can search and compare prices of thousands of medicines, have full access to package inserts, active ingredients and information on perfumery products in the palm of your hands.

The application, available in the IOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play) versions , has a simple, functional design and, precisely for that reason, it does not take long for the user to become familiar with all the functions and browse smoothly.

In addition, due to the partnership with major drugstores and pharmacies across the country, it is easy to find medicines and perfumery items with the best cost-benefit in establishments that deliver in your region!


Do you want to know some of the coolest features of the app?

Consulta Remédios has partnerships with many pharmacies and drugstore chains throughout Brazil, such as Drogarias Onofre, Drogaria São Paulo, Droga Raia and several others.

That way, it’s easy to find and save on what you need most and very close to you.

In the app, you can search by name, active ingredient, therapeutic class, symptoms, disease and even the barcode!

We know that it is very easy to lose the package inserts that come inside the medicine boxes and even need them at times when you cannot consult that medicine drawer at home.

For this very reason, we offer several leaflets in full so that you have the necessary information at any time of the day, in the palm of your hands!

To find a package insert, just type the name of the drug or active ingredient in the search bar and tap the magnifying glass or scan the barcode.

Enter the medicine page and, in the top menu, tap on “Label”.

The same can be done with perfumery products, which have a section called “Description”.

Types of medications available

Pain relievers for headaches , medicines for high blood pressure , muscle relaxants, contraceptives, allergies and much more!

Professional information

On the medication page, next to the package insert, you can also find professional product information, such as medication types, active ingredients, categories, therapeutic classes and specialties.

Barcode search

Did you find that product or medicine that you needed in a pharmacy, but you want to know the price in other networks to compare where the price is more affordable?

Don’t despair, you don’t even have to leave the place for this!

Just tap on the picture of the barcode reader next to the search and point the camera at the product’s barcode.

The application will redirect you to the product page, where you can compare prices at other pharmacies and drugstores, without having to kick your legs around.

Constantly updated information

Our medication base is updated daily, bringing the necessary information in a complete and simplified way.

Thus, we seek to ensure that anyone can understand how medicines and active ingredients work, in addition to checking the descriptions of the perfumery items.

Delivered at the door of your home

All registered stores are carefully analyzed and selected, ensuring that delivery services are carried out with quality and commitment.

You simply enter the zip code of your region and quickly view the stores that deliver to your home.

We work so that our products are received in the comfort of your home, offering convenience to your day to day.

Variety of products

Our catalog is quite complete: we offer everything from supplements for the gym to pet items. With a click, you compare the values ​​and receive your order at home.