Joint pain: 1 hour of exercise helps prevent

Whenever we talk about a healthier life, without illness and without health problems, we immediately remember the recommendations on the practice of physical exercises.

They are extremely important for the body to function properly and, when they are not performed, they can generate symptoms related to a non-active life.

For example, joint pain, common with diseases such as arthritis and osteoarthritis that affect this region of the body.


According to a new study, published in the medical journal American Journal of Preventive Medicine , just an hour of exercise a week can help prevent diseases such as arthritis and osteoarthritis.

More accurately, according to the researchers, at least 56 minutes of moderate to intense physical activity weekly decreased by 86% the chances of participants to develop some disease that limits mobility.

Among the participants, in general, those who did activities were often free of joint complications for 4 years more than those who did not exercise.

Therefore, the recommendation is that people include activities of at least 1 hour in their daily routine.

How can physical exercises reduce pain?

One way to lessen the symptoms of diseases that affect the joints is to exercise. This causes the patient, during the activity, to stretch and strengthen the muscles, which consequently reduces the pressure on the joints.

The important thing is to always have one frequency per week or per day. Always accompanied by physical education professionals, to reduce impacts and choose activities well.

The practice of physical activities has always been related to the proper functioning of the human body, so it is important to always be physically active.

In addition, exercising can also contribute to your mental health , so remember to keep your body moving.