How to prevent typical winter illnesses

During the winter the incidence of health problems increases, a lot. Coughing , sneezing, stuffy nose and malaise are just some of the symptoms that accompany flu and cold cases . To avoid this inconvenience, creating some cleaning-related habits can be very effective.

The throat, the ear and the respiratory system are the parts of the body that suffer most with the arrival of winter. Problems such as bronchitis , flu, rhinitis , pneumonia , pharyngitis and asthma are more frequent during cold periods, and in some cases they even worsen.

How to prevent

  • Taking special care on a daily basis can be important to keep diseases away, check out some tips:
  • Avoid staying in places without a lot of ventilation;
  • A good diet helps to increase immunity;
  • Cleaning the house daily helps to prevent the accumulation of dust and, consequently, direct contact with bacteria;
  • Hands should be washed constantly, especially after coming into contact with public surfaces;
  • Bedding must always be clean;
  • Increasing fluid intake helps to keep the body hydrated, improving symptoms caused by dry and cold weather;
  • Open doors and windows to air the house, especially on sunny days.


Simple care can avoid several annoyances. In addition, vaccination can be a very effective method in preventing cases of influenza, being highly recommended especially for groups at risk, such as pregnant women, children and the elderly.