Running lose weight? See how to practice on the treadmill or on the street

In addition to the benefits and pleasure of playing a sport, people are looking for a way to lose weight in running. Really, this is an activity that helps you lose weight in a healthy way .

The practice stimulates energy expenditure and also helps to reduce weight by inhibiting appetite.

This happens due to the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that provides a feeling of well-being and satiety in the body.

In the following text, we explain in which situations the activity has a higher caloric expenditure and how to include running in everyday life.

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Does running lose weight or define the body?

Running can be an exercise that helps to tone the muscles and reduce the layers of fat.

For those who want a well-defined body, the most recommended is to talk to a physical educator and check the intensity of the practice, the frequency and the time.

All of these factors can vary from person to person.

The activity, done correctly, can help to define the muscles, especially those of the legs, glutes and abdomen (exercised during correct breathing).

For those who want more intense muscle work, it may be necessary to combine weight training exercises .

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Does running help you lose belly?

In addition to losing weight in general, people are looking for specific exercises to lose belly , because it is a localized fat that is difficult to eliminate. Running can help, as it is an activity that can speed up metabolism and thus increase caloric expenditure.

However, it is important to understand that exercise never works the body in isolation.

Therefore, when someone loses belly, it is a consequence of weight loss as a whole. Focused exercises, such as sit-ups, act to define and strengthen the muscles.

When it comes to this activity, combined with healthy eating, it is possible to notice that running slims legs, buttocks, arms. That is, the whole body.

Among the foods that should be avoided are those high in saturated fats, trans and foods high in salt.

In addition to running, it is important to complement with other exercises that help to strengthen the abdominal muscles, such as performing some series of sit-ups, practicing yoga, pilates or weight training.

Does running on the treadmill lose weight?

Yes , it is possible to lose weight by running on the treadmill, just as it is possible to lose weight by running on the street. Exercise is capable of generating a high caloric burn at different intensities, as each person chooses the pace and the running time. But on the treadmill it is easier to monitor the expenditure through the panel the calories, speed and time.

For people who are still recovering from an injury, who are newbies or who are very overweight, the treadmill may be the best option.

That’s because running on the device can have better cushioning and lessen the impact on the joints.

In addition, when done in a gym normally, there is the supervision of an instructor, who helps to correct the posture and guides the student to progress little by little in the intensity.

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Can I run fasting? It’s healthy?

Running on an empty stomach can help you lose weight, due to the fact that it “forces” the body to use fat reserves as energy for training.

However, for this to happen in a healthy and safe way, it is necessary to do a medical evaluation or a nutritionist.

In fasting, it is best to practice a moderate intensity workout and start it gradually, because fasting can cause malaise, dizziness and pressure drop.

Thus, on the street or on the treadmill, the risk of falls is greater.

This happens when the body has a very limited supply of carbohydrates , increasing the risk of hypoglycemia , which means that blood glucose levels are very low.

With hypoglycemia, the cells of the nervous system are affected and all of these symptoms can be manifested, including lack of awareness.

Does running lose weight more than walking?

What determines it most is not the activity itself, but the intensity. Because it requires more of the body, running is an exercise that uses more energy and, consequently, weight loss can be faster. With walking there is also a burning of fat, but the results may take a little longer to appear.

However, although it seems logical, it does not mean that it is so for all people.

Some may have satisfactory results with walking, but it is important that there is a balance between food and physical activities.

With hiking, it is important to keep in mind that it is not the same as walking. The pace needs to be accelerated.

It is a good exercise for anyone who is starting to practice some activity or who wants to start running.

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How many calories do I spend in 1 hour of walking?

It depends on the intensity. A slow walk burns about 240 calories, while speeding up can bring that amount to more than 500. Interleaving speeds can increase energy burn even more.

In a 1-hour run, the caloric loss can vary from 500 to 900 calories, depending on the intensity at which the person practices the exercise.

Those who want to optimize weight reduction can choose to alternate between running and walking, making the heart rate work harder.

How long should I run a day to lose weight?

Weight loss associated with exercise may be more related to the amount of calories ingested than to the running time per day. Logically, to lose weight you need to spend more calories than you consume.

Therefore, the running time per day may vary. The practitioner’s speed and heart rate interfere with calorie expenditure.

Eating and other habits will also interfere.

In order to have an average of how ideal it would be, it is important to undergo a medical evaluation, a physical educator and a nutritionist.

Some experts point out that 45 minutes a day, 3 to 4 times a week, is enough.

this pace and with a balanced diet, it is possible to have a healthy weight loss and see results.

However, estimating how many pounds is difficult because it depends on several individual factors.

It is only necessary to maintain a diet that is able to supply all the physical needs of the day to day and never follow restrictive diets just for the accelerated weight loss.

Running to lose weight: workouts for beginners

As is known, running can be practiced by everyone, regardless of age or weight, as long as there are no medical restrictions, always respecting the limits of the body.

Therefore, for those who want to start or are still a beginner, there are some training options, which can progress little by little:

Brisk walk

It is the simplest step to start the race. In the brisk walk, the pace of everyday life must be accelerated, but in a way that does not leave the practitioner breathless.

Prank call

The trot is a workout that is between brisk walking and light running. In this style of exercise, the strides are short and the breathing starts to get faster.

While practicing, the person will notice that he can still talk, but that his heart rate is faster.

Light and moderate running

The light run is done with shorter strides, but the breathing becomes more intense. However, for those just starting out, it should be a comfortable pace.

On the other hand, in moderate running, strides are wider and heart rate is more required. So talking during training is very difficult.

How many pounds can I lose running?

The answer to this question depends on many factors, including some that are individual, so it is quite complicated to say how many pounds you can lose by running.

It is necessary to evaluate other factors that may interfere with weight, such as diet, genetics, poor sleep quality, stress or hormonal issues.

It will also depend on the frequency and intensity of the exercises.

But it is possible to have a closer average of how many calories can be burned: between 260 to 500 calories in 1 h of intense running.

After all, is it possible to lose weight by running?

-Yeah . It is possible to lose weight by running, as this is an exercise that allows a significant caloric expenditure, especially when performed within a healthy routine.

However, running alone may not be enough.

It is necessary to keep in mind that one must maintain a healthy diet, have a good quality of sleep, reduce stress and consider other factors that may interfere with weight.

Whether on the street, in a group or alone, on the treadmill, for a hobby or sport, running is certainly a physical activity that provides well-being and many health benefits.

Here we seek to clarify at what pace running can help with weight loss and how there is no miracle when it comes to weight loss.

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