Acai fattening? See the amount of calories and how to calculate

food rich in fiber, potassium, magnesium and vitamins . Its consumption, however, raises many doubts in relation to weight gain, as pure weight is already considered very caloric.

When consumed in a moderate way, açaí can help you lose weight. It pure has several beneficial properties for health and one of them is the feeling of satiety.

But just as he can be an ally within a balanced diet, he can become a villain. Açaí pulp is usually sold mixed with guaraná syrup.

The addition of this ingredient makes it sweeter, which ultimately raises insulin levels in the body, stimulating fat synthesis.

In addition to syrup, when we add ingredients such as paçoca, powdered milk, condensed milk, chocolate, confetti and other treats, it is no longer good for weight control, as it becomes an extremely caloric food.

However, açaí does not need to be seen as a villain, as it alone should not make you fat. Other factors are considered, such as the additions themselves, the amount eaten, the person’s other eating habits, amount of exercise and quality of life.

Açaí can be a good option for people who practice physical exercises, for consumption before training, as it is a good source of energy and can help performance during activities.

Moderately, açaí is good for you. It pure or with healthy combinations is the best option for those who do not want to put on weight, what counts is the common sense added to the other habits mentioned.

How to calculate the calories in the açaí bowl?

The amount of calories present in the bowl açaí can vary widely. Only pure açaí, in an amount of 200g, can present 130 calories. With guarana syrup, the number of calories makes a big jump, going to 320 calories.

These numbers, however, may vary, as the concentration of açaí and syrup may change according to the marketed açaí.

To get a sense of the amount of calories in a bowl you also need to know how many calories the additional ones have. Therefore, if you are on a diet and do not want to overdo it, it will be necessary to calculate the supplements.

We list the approximate amount of calories of some of the most common side dishes, considering with measure a tablespoon:

  • Banana (1 unit) : 100Kcal;
  • Oats : 70Kcal;
  • Granola : 60Kcal;
  • Honey : 62Kcal;
  • Paçoca : 76Kcal;
  • Chestnut : 84Kcal;
  • Condensed milk : 85Kcal;
  • Powdered milk : 84Kcal;
  • Chocolate sauce: 95Kcal;
  • Cornflakes : 55Kcal.