22 weeks of gestation: how is the mother’s belly?

At 22 weeks of gestation, the woman is completing 5 months of pregnancy . It is still the second trimester , but it has passed the middle of gestation.

So far, the body of the pregnant woman has undergone several changes, but until the end of the pregnancy, when the delivery finally arrives, new symptoms and experiences may still appear.

The uterus is already taller, approximately 2cm to 3cm above the navel, and until the 26th week of gestation it will continue to rise.

As a result, there is also greater pressure on the organs and the diaphragm, which can make a woman’s breathing more difficult. Therefore, it is common for her to feel more tired and out of breath, as her belly gets bigger and heavier.

In this phase, the baby’s limbic system (region responsible for the formation of emotions) is forming. This can interfere a lot in the pregnant woman, as she may suffer from major mood changes.

Find out more about what happens in the body of the pregnant woman and the baby in the 22nd week of pregnancy!


What is the weight and size of the baby at 22 weeks of gestation?

The baby at 22 weeks of gestation has an approximate size of 27cm, measuring from the head to the heel. Its size is compared to that of a papaya or a bunch of bananas. Its weight can vary a lot, but, on average, it is expected to be between 360g to 400g.

Changes and symptoms in the 22-week pregnant woman: how is the belly?

The woman may experience some uncomfortable symptoms, such as heartburn and indigestion. This is due to hormonal changes. What can be done to alleviate it is the consumption of healthy and light foods, always every 3 hours.

With so many concerns and anxiety present during pregnancy, the woman may feel a little more confused. Memory failures, a common complaint during this phase, may also be more frequent. In addition, it is common for women to feel more emotional and with fluctuations in mood.

This week’s belly is already big and round. Your appetite can also increase, but it is important to eat in adequate amounts. That story of eating for 2 is a myth in pregnancy. The ideal is to eat in balanced portions and always choosing healthy foods.

The weight of the 22-week pregnant woman varies a lot, as each woman can follow a different diet. On average, in the 5th gestational month, the woman who is following a balanced and healthy diet tends to put on weight between 4kg to 6kg.

The woman may also be at a higher risk of developing hemorrhoids and having urinary tract infections, so she should always be aware of the symptoms and see a doctor.

Baby development

The 22-week-old baby already has hair and eyebrows, but they still appear to be white due to the lack of pigmentation. The nose and mouth are also formed and can be seen by ultrasound.

The baby’s inner ear is also more developed, allowing him to hear outside noises more clearly.

In some ultrasounds, it is possible to notice some grimaces and expressions, as it is already possible to notice when the baby frowns, moves his eyebrows and other facial muscles.

The legs and arms are also proportional and the baby can move them well inside the uterus, as it still has space to move around.

You can see that he can already kick, cling, flex his limbs and close his hand.