8 weeks of gestation: does the baby move? How is he doing?

8 weeks of gestation is practically the beginning of the pregnancy. It seems a long time, however, many women only discover that they are pregnant at this stage.

Everything is still very new, emotions are running high and changes can be difficult to deal with. But you need to be calm and prepare for a world of discovery.

Although for some women it is not the first child, each pregnancy is unique and brings new surprises and challenges. It can also be difficult to understand your own feelings.

For first-time moms, it’s an even bigger challenge, as she’ll have to deal with the unknown.

There are no visible signs on the body at 8 weeks, as the belly has not yet started to grow. But that does not mean that many things are not happening inside.

Soon, mom will see these internal changes manifest and her body will confirm that her baby is developing.

To help those who are still a little lost, let’s talk a little more about the next 8 weeks of pregnancy.


8 weeks of gestation is how many months?

At 8 weeks of gestation it means that the mother is completing 2 months. It is still the beginning of pregnancy, but we will see below that many things have happened to the woman and the baby up to that point.

It is expected that the mother has already started her prenatal consultations in the 8th week. For those who have recently discovered, the ideal is that they seek a specialist as soon as possible to start the pregnancy monitoring consultations.

This week, it is already possible to perform an ultrasound to identify whether the baby is correctly positioned in the uterus and whether it is a pregnancy of just one baby or more (twins, triplets, etc.).

By examining fetal sexing, it is possible to find out the baby’s sex as early as the 8th week, which consists of a simple blood collection from the mother. This is because the baby’s cells pass into the woman’s blood, so it is possible to identify in the test which chromosome appears.

If the Y chromosome appears, it is a boy, since the man carries an X and a Y chromosome. If he does not have the Y, it is a girl, since the woman has only two X chromosomes.

The exam is effective and 99% reliable, but it can be a little expensive. For those who cannot stand the curiosity to discover the sex of the baby later through ultrasonography, it is worth researching more about fetal sexing.

Is the baby moving yet?

The mother still cannot feel the baby’s movements. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t move.

In the 8th week of gestation, he is developing at full throttle. Her musculature starts to form, but because she is so tiny, her movements still cannot be identified by her mother.

This usually starts to happen around the 12th week, with smooth movements, and around the 18th week these movements become more evident.

What is the fetus like at 8 weeks of gestation?

At 8 weeks of gestation the baby is about the size of a pea or a grape , weighs about 7g and measures approximately 2cm. It is only 2 months of gestation and, although small, the baby’s body is already developing at full throttle.

At this stage, he begins to form the arms and hands, as well as the legs and feet, which begin to position themselves in place.

It is already possible to identify the outline of the fingers that, until then, were all glued together, resembling a duck’s foot.

The baby’s embryonic tail (the structure necessary for the development of the spinal cord) begins to disappear little by little.

His face starts to form. The eyes are still quite separate and remain closed, and it is already possible to see a slight volume where the nose will be. The baby’s heart is already beating about 150 times a minute.

What are the symptoms at 8 weeks of gestation?

Upon completing 8 weeks of gestation, some symptoms tend to recur in the mother. Here are some of them:

  • Nausea: the stomach is sensitive to some smells and foods;
  • Acne: due to the great hormonal variation;
  • Pain in the abdomen: due to the growth of the uterus;
  • Breast growth: although the belly has not yet grown much, it is already possible to notice the increase in the size of the breasts.