12 weeks of gestation: how many months are there? Is the baby moving yet?

With 12 weeks of gestation, the most complicated period and with the highest risk of miscarriage is coming to an end.

If the woman has not yet told the news to friends and family, it is time to talk about it since, from now on, hiding the pregnancy will become increasingly difficult due to changes in the body.

Small changes, although subtle, can already be seen. For example, the belly, breasts, thighs and even the arms and feet tend to increase in volume.

It is also normal for dizziness and headaches to be more present while nausea may subside. Continue reading to learn more about this gestational week!


12 weeks of gestation is how many months?

12 weeks of gestation correspond to the end of the 3rd month, that is, the pregnancy is almost in the second trimester.

The little one already moves quite often (almost non-stop) although it is still too early for Mom to feel it.

At this stage of pregnancy, it is very common for pregnant women to feel more hungry than normal.

This is because the baby’s development process does not stop and he needs energy to grow.

Therefore, it is important that pregnant women eat properly, giving preference to a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereals and lean meats. Being accompanied by a nutritionist may be an option.
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How big is the baby at 12 weeks of gestation?

In the 12th week, the baby weighs, on average, 14g and measures (from head to butt) about 7cm. Vital organs (heart and lung) are already formed and will now grow and pass through maturation.

The baby is also developing a more human face and the face is gaining traces of the cheek, lips and chin.

The inner ears are already formed and the ears (cartilage that surround them) are developing on the side of the head.

The baby’s nails may already be starting to grow at the tips of the fingers. Many babies are born with big nails and need to cut them still in the maternity ward.

How is ultrasound?

The image exam (ultrasound) done in the 12th week is an important and anxious moment since the mother will be able to see her baby for the first time.

Before that time, the image may not be as clear precisely because the baby is still very small.

During this phase, this examination is essential because, through it, it will be possible to diagnose complications or syndromes.

If there is a suspicion, the obstetrician may request other tests and all doubts should be clarified with that professional.

Ultrasound at 12 weeks can still reveal other things like the presence of another baby (twins) or estimate the likely date of delivery based on the fetal age.

The consultation usually lasts 30 minutes and at the end of it, the obstetrician already informs you if there is a need to do other tests or follow other recommendations.