Fifth month of pregnancy: what changes in the mother and baby?

The 5th month of pregnancy comprises half of the pregnancy and more changes happen in the woman’s body as well as in the baby’s body.

This is where some important milestones take place, such as the precise identification of the child’s sex and the large growth of the belly!


What are the symptoms of the fifth month of pregnancy?

This month presents symptoms similar to those of the previous months. Constipation, varicose veins, swelling of the hands and feet, increased appetite, burning, flatulence, for example, are common.

With the growth of the belly, the itching in the region may intensify. The enlargement of the uterus can also aggravate constipation , in addition to the fact that the space it occupies, increasing, can lead to shortness of breath.

Another situation that is caused by the growing belly is low back pain .

Her weight becomes more and more, because it is not only the baby inside, but also all the amniotic fluid, the placenta and the uterus itself.

This can add several pounds to the woman’s body, who has to carry them everywhere.

There are pains that can also appear due to the tension of tendons that hold the organ in place, since weight can force them.

From the 5th month onwards it is a good idea to get plenty of rest and avoid problems that may arise from the effort!

How many weeks are there in the fifth month of pregnancy?

This month of pregnancy consists of 4 weeks, starting at the 19th week and ending at the 22nd.

The week number 20 is the one that marks the middle of the gestation, since it is expected that the baby will be born at 40 weeks.

At this stage, even women with little belly can notice it. It is a moment when it is well rounded and, from that month, it only grows.

Characteristics of the fifth month of gestation

The fifth month of pregnancy presents several changes in the baby, several of them noticeable to the mother. Some of them are:

Baby’s sleep schedule

In the 5th month, the baby’s sleep schedule becomes better defined. The mother can know when the child is sleeping, especially because when she is awake, she usually moves around a lot.

It is a very energetic phase, when kicks start to become more common and visible, even through the belly.

Baby senses

It is at the beginning of the 5th month of pregnancy that myelin begins to form in the baby’s neurons. Myelin helps the transmission of electrical signals by the nerves.

It is thanks to it that the child starts to hear, smell and taste, in addition to feeling touches in the belly.

In the 4th month these senses begin to appear, but it is only in the 5th that the change in the nervous system allows for a greater detail of them.

Don’t forget to talk to your baby, even in the belly!

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Gender of the baby

In the 20th week of pregnancy it is possible to identify the sex of the baby through ultrasound more easily, since the genitals complete their development.

The child weighs around 260 grams in mid-gestation and grows faster and faster. Two weeks later, on the 22nd, she must have doubled in weight!

Heavy belly

The baby’s rapid growth also means that the belly will grow fast. Consequently, it becomes heavier and it is important that mom learn to deal with it.

At this stage, the baby is about the size of a banana bunch .

Sleeping on your side becomes more and more necessary to avoid too much pressure on both you and your baby.

Weight can also cause pain in the tendons that hold the uterus in place, not to mention the back.

Examination of the glycemic curve

At the end of the 5th month or at the beginning of the 6th month of pregnancy, the examination of the glycemic curve may be ordered by the doctor.

He seeks to identify a possible gestational diabetes , which if left untreated can cause problems for both the baby and the mother.

It is important to do this and all prenatal examinations to ensure the proper development of the pregnancy.

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Does the baby move a lot in the fifth month?

Yea! The 5th month is when the movements that started in the 4th month become more intense.

The child is full of energy inside the belly and wants to stretch!

As time passes, the baby grows and begins to occupy a larger part of the uterus. This makes their movements more noticeable to the mother, who feels them better and can even perceive them under the belly.

The baby is also getting stronger, so it is possible that his movements cause a little pain when the kicks are intense or in sensitive places, but this is normal.