What to eat during pregnancy?

A period full of care and desires.

Pregnancy is a phase where the woman wants to eat a lot of things, but this should not be a loophole for the food to happen in the wrong way.

Everything the mother consumes has some impact on the baby’s development.

It is through it that nutrients are passed on to the child and, therefore, some foods should always be present on the menu.


White and red meats

Their intake is important, as the nutrients present in these meats assist in the formation of the child’s blood cells and muscles.

In addition to helping the baby, it is also an important ally of the mother in preventing anemia , which can occur soon after birth due to blood loss.

However for these benefits to occur it is important to opt for lean types.


Always essential, water becomes even more important during pregnancy. During this period, cases of dehydration become more common, so it is essential that your consumption is constant.

Milk and milk products

They must be present in the daily diet, as they are important for the formation of muscles and bones, in addition to the fetus as a whole.


Lettuce, arugula, watercress, parsley, among many others, are rich in numerous nutrients. Ingesting these leaves mainly helps to prevent malformation of the baby’s nervous system.

Not indicated

Some foods are not indicated during pregnancy. But, they also should not necessarily be excluded from the diet. This is the case with coffee, salt, sugar, chocolate and soda.

As long as their consumption is consumed sparingly, they do not need to be banned. Alcoholic beverages and raw meats should be avoided at all costs.