16 weeks of gestation: how are the mother and baby?

At 16 weeks of gestation, the woman is in the 4th month.

This is a period in which the baby’s growth occurs at an accelerated rate, when he begins to develop important functions such as sensitivity to touch and auditory perception.

In this phase, the child already has defined joints and has a lot of space to move around. It is from this stage that the mother can feel the baby moving.

In this text, we are going to talk about the size of the baby in the 16th week of pregnancy, as well as the symptoms that the pregnant woman may encounter during this period. Read on!


How big is the baby?

At the 16th week of gestation, the baby is about the size of a pear. It weighs approximately 80g and is about 12cm long.

This week, the child is already making several movements inside the belly. Some mothers can already feel the baby moving, but others may take a little longer to identify this.

It is at this moment that the baby’s facial features are being more defined, such as the eyebrows and lips. In addition, he already has his organs formed, and it is usually from the 16th week of gestation that it becomes possible to identify the sex of the child.

What are the symptoms at 16 weeks of gestation?

At 16 weeks of gestation, one of the main symptoms for women is a high sensitivity in the breasts accompanied by an increase in their volume.

During this period, swelling – edema – in the hands, feet and ankles also increases. The cause is increased blood circulation and the pressure exerted by the uterus on the pelvic veins.

As the baby’s growth rate is accelerated and the size of the belly is already larger, the pregnant woman may also find it more difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. To encourage blood circulation, it is good to lie on your side, facing to the left.

The mother’s sensitivity may be high due to pregnancy hormones. However, it is a stage of pregnancy in which she usually feels very willing, with less drowsiness and less discomfort, compared to the first trimester of pregnancy.

In addition, as this is a phase of accelerated growth of the fetus, the woman may also feel more hungry.

Tips and care

The 16th week of gestation marks the 4th month, a great time for the pregnant woman. The discomfort of early pregnancy is already decreasing, the baby is growing and the woman’s body adapting to metabolism and hormones.

However, for the baby to continue growing in a healthy way, it is important to take some care. For this reason, we have separated some tips for you, pregnant woman who is in the 16th week, walking to the 5th month of pregnancy . Come on?

Balanced diet

In all periods of pregnancy it is important for women to pay attention to food. In the 16th week of pregnancy, as it is very common for there to be an increase in appetite, it is essential to seek an adequate diet so that the pregnancy and the baby remain healthy.

For this, the pregnant woman’s diet must be varied and balanced, with good sources of calcium and iron (such as dairy products and lean meats), in addition to vitamins and fibers, which can be found in fruits.

It is important to remember that very fatty foods, such as fried foods and alcoholic beverages, should not be consumed during pregnancy.

Light exercises

As the weight is increasing and the blood circulation is more intense, it is possible that the pregnant woman begins to experience more bodily pain and swelling.

According to the guidance of an obstetrician, doing some light physical exercises, such as walking or swimming, can help to stimulate circulation and prevent swelling, in addition to helping in preparation for childbirth.


Pregnancy is a time when sensitivity is high and it can be difficult to deal with emotions and anxiety .

At this time when the baby is growing rapidly, pregnant women may also experience difficulty in breathing.

Practicing meditation can be a great option to develop breathing control, control anxiety and even stimulate connection with the baby.