Discover the benefits of Pilates in pregnancy

Pregnant women can enjoy the benefits of pilates . Physical exercise is important for pregnant women and the pilates method can bring several advantages to the woman who is expecting a baby.

For example, the increased strength in the pelvic floor, the muscle that supports the organs and, in this case, the baby as well.

Strengthening the pelvic floor can help with childbirth. In addition, Pilates is an exercise with little effort and impact, which is suitable for pregnant women.

It is important to remember that the instructor must be prepared to assist pregnant women and the practice can only be done after a specialist’s recommendation .

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Check out the main benefits of Pilates practice for pregnant women:


Reduced back pain

Stretching and exercise reduce back pain due to the strengthening of the region of the body that supports the spine, which during pregnancy can suffer from the extra weight of the baby.

Improved posture

Greater support for the spine also improves the posture of the pregnant woman, as well as anyone else’s. But the pregnant woman may need to monitor her own posture due to the child’s weight and, therefore, pilates can help.

Breathing practice

Breathing is essential during childbirth for the relief of contraction pains and for the baby’s oxygenation. Pilates improves breathing and will help in those moments.

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Strengthening the pelvic floor

The pelvic floor supports the body’s organs, including the uterus with the baby during a pregnancy. Keeping this muscle strong and exercised helps to have a healthier pregnancy and an easier delivery. It also helps in controlling urinary incontinence.

Improved sleep quality

Physical exercise, in general, improves the practitioner’s sleep quality. Pilates, with breathing techniques and physical exercise, can improve sleep, whether pregnant or not.

Socializing with other pregnant women

There are groups of pregnant women to practice pilates. Socializing is one of the great benefits of pilates.